1. tho

    Solved FreeBSD 14, Raspberry Pi4 (8GB) and Netdata

    I am using a Pi4(8GB) as NAS at home, plain vanilla FreeBSD14 patched to latest P5. Using two Red Sata SSD in a mirrored ZFS setup and Netdata to monitor the Pi. Netdata is also compiled out of the box on the Pi4. The OS is booting from a micro SD card, it is not the fastest server around but it...
  2. JT42

    Solved Kernel panic in upgrade to 13.3

    I have a system that was at 13.2 and am attempting to upgrade it to 13.3. I first did: freebsd-update fetch freebsd-update install and then rebooted to get from 13.2-RELEASE-p2 to 13.2-RELEASE-p10. Then I did: freebsd-update upgrade -r 13.3 freebsd-update install It asked me to reboot to...
  3. ivanov

    Solved The quest for unencrypted /boot and ZFS native encrypted /

    Hello Free Beastie Besties, I have a two zfs pool root-on-ZFS Debian 12.4 setup: 1G unecrypted `bpool` and 100G zfs native encrypted `rpool . (I got those names from following the framework in this guide...
  4. D

    jails cannot connect to jail using ezjail-admin console

    After updating the host to 14.0-RELEASE, I decided to do ezjail-admin update -U -s 12.2-RELEASE to update my jails from 12.2 to 14.0. This command ultimately failed, and I eventually tried many things including eventually doing ezjail-admin install. That command completed successfully, but I can...
  5. mercury

    zabbix64-agent with postgresql monitoring

    Hello! Please tell me what options should be set when making zabbix agent with postgresql monitoring support
  6. D

    Solved Pipe timeout issue? Terminated with signal 13.

    This is on FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE. I discovered this with a different command, but I was able to reduce it down to a pretty generic example. When I run this command, it regularly (but not always) fails: dehrmann@freebsd:/var $ ls | sort | xargs | ls <~20 items listed> xargs: /bin/echo...
  7. P

    Solved Trying to get GTX 980 working with Xorg

    Hey guys, I'm currently installing freebsd in a kvm virtual machine, with a gtx 980, however, I'm unable to get Xorg working as it errors with "no screens found (EE)" when i try startx. Currently, I have done: pkg install nvidia-driver nano /etc/rc.conf -> added the line...
  8. C

    chown in CUPS backend

    Hi guys! I am quite new to FreeBSD. I have some questions about setting up my own backend for CUPS. The goal is to save the incoming print job into a PDF on a directory and change the owner of the created PDF file to the user sending the print job. My current progress looks something like this...
  9. B

    jails Troubleshooting network connectivity inside Bastille nat jail

    Hi all, I am struggling to troubleshoot network connectivity issues on a BastilleBSD nat'd jail created using these instructions: In the container I can resolve DNS queries (e.g. pinging a url returns a valid...
  10. C

    Why Does My slapd Starts So Slow

    Hi guys. I am very new to FreeBSD. I am currently trying to configure an LDAP server on a jail system. But, whenever I try running service slapd restart, it takes like a few minutes just to start. I checked the /var/log/debug.log after setting log level to any but there isn't much useful...
  11. razetime

    FreeBSD bootable media not working on Dell Vostro 16 5630 laptop

    I did some prior reading about dell laptops which was not applicable here: Laptop information: System Manufacturer: Dell Inc. System Model: Vostro...
  12. dmitry n medvedev

    Solved Sony WH-1000XM2 Headphones on FreeBSD via Bluetooth

    good morning, nice comminity. the context: I am learning how to setup these Sony headphones on FreeBSD using Blued. the problem: these headphones notify me with a nice female voice whenever they connect or disconnect. At this moment, the headphones connect/disconnect continuously. Please come...
  13. F

    NFSV4 mounting as user (Operation not permitted)

    New to the forums (first post) lurked for a while. Ran in to a problem of mounting NFSV4 shares as a user from a linux NFSV4 only server. on 13.1 client and now on fresh install on 13.2 client root is able to mount without any extra configs using cli command or from fstab user owns and has...
  14. J

    Unable to Submit New Program Following Porter's Handbook

    I wrote a small C program that I wanted to submit through the ports system as described through the Porter's Handbook. The process of writing the Makefile so it would run from make fetch to make install ended up successful and I started to try to submit the Makefile and pkg-descr files for the...
  15. S

    Jail can only occasionally reach internet

    Hello all. I recently purchased a miniture computer to use as a home server, and decided to try FreeBSD out for the first time. Part of my endeavor involved setting up a jail with ezjail and running nginx inside. Unfortunately, I'm experiencing an issue wherein the jail is only occasionally...
  16. M

    netboot problem with loader.efi and nfsroot

    I am attempting to boot FreeBSD (base.txz and kernel.txz of 14-CURRENT snapshot) over the network with nfsroot. My DHCP/NFS server is Ubuntu 20.04 and running dnsmasq for DHCP. It boots a legacy BIOS mode client machine with pxeboot and nfsroot without problem. My loader.conf is...
  17. A

    Install realtek ethernet drivers with no internet capable FreeBSD box

    Hello, total newb here. I am trying to get into FreeBSD on my desktop, mainly as a learning experience. During the installation process, I was not able to configure any network interface because FreeBSD doesn´t seem to ship with a driver for my Realtek 8125 2.5Gb/s ethernet controller. First...
  18. M

    ZFS snapshot on live system

    How reliable is the ZFS snapshot if I make it during file operation? I ask it because I would like to upgrade my XEN Hypervisor from 13.1 to 13.2 ( hypervisor use zfs and provides dataset to guests which have UFS) but before upgrade I want to replicate the guest datasets if something goes wrong...
  19. C

    Netgraph bridge

    I created two eiface type nodes and connected them to the physical interface using the bridge and enabled promiscuous mode on em0:, outside world ( | em0:lower | | /...
  20. R

    Closest FreeBSD pkg for tuxcut

    Hi Which is the closest FreeBSD package for linux/tuxcut (protects against arp spoof attacks)? Thanks rraj