1. freebsd_user

    Failed to authenticate error... during geli attach

    I have been testing my setup on an Oracle Virtual Box, Virtual Machine Manager, and VMware with EFI turned on. I have continued FreeBSD setup up to the Partitioning step, then selected shell and entered the following, # sysctl kern.disks # gpart destroy -F ada0 # gpart create -s gpt ada0 #...
  2. freebsd_user

    Blank screen unresponsive cursor on laptop while external display is fine for NVIDIA with Optimus, Xorg

    My laptop is an Optimus capable and there is no way to disable Intel graphics from the BIOS (I am also willing to use both whenever suits). I followed the handbook and also tried all relevant posts for this issue with NVIDIA, but nothing worked. I was only able to reach to a blank screen with a...
  3. freebsd_user

    How to write bits in EC of a laptop?

    Hi, I am a new user trying to make FreeBSD my daily driver. Apparently, the only thing is now stopping me to use it as daily driver is unable to control the fan. I am using Gigabyte Aero 10th Gen Intel Core i7 with NVIDIA GTX 1660Ti card. I was surprised when everything was working fine out of...
  4. Cath O'Deray

    Hint: how to edit the title (subject line) of a topic (thread), or add the 'Solved' prefix

    A number of topics are solved, but not marked as such. There seems to be no guideline. Please, can one be added? With a screenshot, or two, to make XenForo less ambiguous. https://forums.freebsd.org/forums/forum-rules-and-guidelines-required-reading.49/ Thanks