1. E

    RPI-5 Kodi not usable as no Netflix (widevine) support or HDHomeRun support

    Hi, I have managed to get a RP5 to boot Kodi on poweron, but it seems all my hard work is for nothing. 1. I find that I cannot watch TV as there is no Kodi addon for HDHomerun ... 2. I can't install widevine lib so can't install plugin to watch netflix or amazon.. 3. I can't find my server...
  2. alemoppo

    Solved emulate get_cpu()

    Hello I'm trying to get the current CPU number that is executing the code (in driver kernel). In linux we have get_cpu(). What's the analogue in FreeBSD? My goal is currently execute the same function c in all the CPUs with the "smp_rendezvous()", then print the number of each CPU. In linux I...
  3. janprzy

    Solved Samba411 sometimes drops creation date

    I tried to upgrade my file server from samba410 to samba411, but I had to revert back to 4.10 because of a very strange issue: The creation date of some folders is not transferred to the client. This is causing problems because I'm using a Mac to access my shares and Finder greys out the...
  4. vermaden


    I would like to share an article about accessing and serving SMB/CIFS shares on/from FreeBSD system. SMB/CIFS on FreeBSD #verblog #freebsd #samba #smb #cifs #share
  5. S

    Slow NFS/SMB/AFP, but fast SCP read performance

    Hi! My FreeBSD 11.2 box has the strange behavior that copying a file via NFS, SMB, or AFP is always capped at exactly 60 MByte/s. However, copying the same file to the same client via SCP immediately hits GBit line speed at 110 MByte/s. It shouldn't be a hardware limitation, I can read the...
  6. F

    gvfs smb does not mount

    Hi everyone, After some of the system upgrades (I'm using synth) SMB gfvs functionality in x11-fm/pcmanfm stopped working. At the closer look I've noticed that devel/gvfs still depends on (and installs) net/samba-libsmbclient which the ports system now says is obsoleted: Port...
  7. I

    Server (NFS,SMB,CUPS,DLNA...)

    Hello everybody, I have just registered here because I am planning a project where I think FreeBSD could be the ideal OS. I am currently running a dual boot system with Arch Linux and Windows 10. Both systems have FDE, Linux with LUKS (LVM) and Windows with Bitlocker, so data can not be easily...
  8. C

    Samba config help?

    I am trying to configure Samba shares on a headless FreeBSD 10.2 box and having a tremendous amount of difficulty getting them working the way I want. I have two shares right now, Veeam (for my Veeam Endpoint Backup jobs on Windows clients) and sladd, a user share. Veeam seems to work fine as...