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Can't post my desktop right now since I'm replacing hardware, but FVWM is my choice in desktop, been using it for a long time, it's just great, such fine grain control. If you can imagine it, FVWM can probably do it. Though it's had its ups and downs in terms of development support. Just hope it sticks with us for the duration.


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Don't get me wrong, I've nothing to complain about pcmanfm, I've been using it for some 5 years now and rather like it. It really goes a long way as a standalone file manager, I'm very thankful for it. It does provide everything you'll need in a file manager, that's true.
My FVWM config related to this FM only onсe, I added its icon to start it quickly from dock.

But it's very easy to switch this icon to start any another one FM,
so I cannot understand, why we discuss such funny FM like pcmanfm
in serious FVWM topic. Personally I use GUI FM pretty rarely, to perform
most of file operations, I use drop-down terminal for this, which is
also present in my config and may be easily started with F1 hotkey.