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    Other Compositor for Xorg (Fvwm)

    Some Window Managers have problems with the common compositors (Compton, Xcompmgr, etc.). For example, transparency and shadows don't work well in Fvwm. For those who want an elegant desk without losing resources and speed, Picom is an excellent choice. Picom is a standalone compositor for...
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    How to add a scroll bar to a XTerm using FVWM Window Manager ?

    Hello everyone. I'm having some trouble trying to add a scroll bar into a Xterm terminal. I tried to find on the internet some way to get it work but I can't because I can't find the right config file, most of the tutorials that I saw were just for Arch Linux and as I can see Xorg is a little...
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    Who use FVWM ? Show configs and screenshots