FreeBSD Screen Shots

labwc+sfwbar+Arc-Clone theme,
mcwm screenshot

Applications: ytfzf, sxhkd, xeyes, osdmixer, featherpad, xclock, fbxvt, xterm, neofetch, stalonetray, bgs, gvolwheel, birdtray/thunderbird

Playing Robonuggie video from Youtube with ytfzf. It needs the Alt key with the mouse to move/resize windows, and the Windows key with another key to have a window switch between monitors.

Wanted to use lemonbar on this, but haven't learned how to configure it yet. thingylaunch is on this computer, with a shortcut key, but it's not in the screenshot.
FSWM (Fullscreen Window Manager)
Full Screen Window Manager (FSWM) on FreeBSD

Full Screen Window Manager (FSWM) is in libxcb and it uses an MIT license. It operates like mcwm, as it needs a terminal emulator to be started last in .xsession, after the window manager. It's not quite like AntiWM, because it allows more applications to be run on top, for instance osdmixer, xclock, stalonetray and two other terminal emulators. Also, Antiwm starts up with its own terminal. This is on two monitors. Depending on where the terminal is placed, is where and how big the full screen will show, and it doesn't always display well on two monitors, as some times the application will span across them. However, the same effect can be done with mcwm, but requiring manual movement of the window to be fullscreened. MCWM contains the window inside the monitor, which fswm doesn't always do.

Applications: ytfzf (mpv) playing a YouTube video of FlightGear, osdmixer, sxhkd, xterm, xclock, gvolwheel, top, stalonetray

This window manager isn't in ports yet, but this is on FreeBSD. The keyboard controls that came with it didn't work on my installation. FSWM a good concept, but it seems a little buggy.

The top panel is the standard XFCE panel but with a few minor customizations.
The dock is 'Plank', but themed and with 'Mine-Yosemite icons'.
In the terminal I made a few small adjustments and you can see the XFCE theme in the neofetch output.
The music player is cmus because I like the audio quality from this app.
In the top right corner you have Conky with a Lua script for the system info and with two sh scripts for the RSS feeds.