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Look how fast it downloads proprietary software


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FreeBSD 13.1-PRERELEASE in VirtualBox. EFI boot enabled prior to installation. Installing KDE Plasma from latest.

2022-03-01 VirtualBox_FreeBSD 13.png 2022-03-01 07-13-58 16 Gigabytes swap.png 1646121883631.png 1646122189860.png

Hint (not specific to 13.1-PRERELEASE)

Do not choose optional system components that will be impossible to fetch, for example:

2022-03-01 07-11-21 caboodle.png

– FreeBSD Installer offers no forewarning, and an exit from the installer may be insufficient to avoid subsequent problems.

FreeBSD bug 262262 – bsdinstall: resolver configuration fails (is not automated) in some situations
I used the WM ratpoison for many years but GNOME can look pretty minimal nowadays too, and compton/picom just wasn't cutting the mustard. Sorry for the scantily clad waifu censor. I actually ragequit to Windows for a few months after a really nasty Intel bug, but the storm has passed.

The post a bit above got me looking at wireless stuff again and it seems I get some better speeds with 11g, hey!


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I need a huge cursor like that red one. I can't find mine half the time. I just sort of use the Vanilla DMZ cursor out of habit now.
After I've not really tried KDE 🤮 (way too much windows like), Gnome (good, but simply not my style), I've used for a while LXDE and Xfce and over the years checked out nearly all desktop environments and windowmanagers....
...and wasn't really satisfied with any.

I'm not so much in top-down: Starting with a preconfigured allround turnkey system and then throw out what I don't want/need and reconfigure the system.
I rather start with an empty sheet and add only the things I want and need and configure them the way I wants it.

Some of my major points against Windows are it's illogical and not intuitively structured, and crammend with redundant and useless stuff.
I don't need several different places where to start a program from: desktop icon, start menu, quick start bar, favorites, last used,... flooding the desktop killing clearness.
I just need one.
I don't need no "garbage can". If I want a file to be deleted, I just want it to be deleted, and not having any discussions with my computer who tells me if I empty the garbage can, then it will be empty... 🥴
I don't like flooded menus with things I don't need, I don't use, I don't want... crap. When I open a Windows' menu, knowing exactly what I want to do, I always search through it until I found what I want, because 3/4 of all menu entries under Windows are completely useless to me. To mee it seems many of the stuff is added just it looks not so empty and suggests power... 🤪
And since under any kind of unixllike sytsem most work is done in the shell anyway, there is even less need for crammed, nested menu orgies.

In my eyes there is no need for desktop environments copying that.

I want to decide what's in my menus - I want to remove and add thing like I want it to be. And I saw no solution that really satisfied me (some environments actually having config files in XML! - that's "Game Over" to me -> pkg remove)

Point are:
At first one has to distinguish between the desktop environment and the windowmanager (to be correct one also respect the displaymanager like Xorg or wayland, too.)
For me I figured out I don't want no environment. A desktop environment's core point is a collection of ideas about a GUI: structure, look and feel...
it doesn't matter "right" or "wrong" (except Windows - that's how to make it wrong - and any trying to copy that.[Just because everybody's doing it, doesn't make it right. Since they are way mor than as looking at it in that light we all shall eat the same as flies 😁)
Point is all environments are some kind of "one size fits all."
There are many combinations of desktop environments, window managers and adaptations you may configurate. And most may find their fitting solution within - or at least may be not so picky as I am 😁

I don't feel good in anything that does not fit me.
And if you catch yourself trying one wm/dekstop environment after the other, well maybe it could be also an idea for you to decide, what I did:
Build your own environment, starting with a wm.

So I realized:
If I have to do the effort anyway, I could start bottom-up with a window manager.
And so I decided for fvwm and I am very happy with it.
(since I don't give much about fancy decor trappings - I don't care much about, how it looks as long as it's effieciently productive usable [most fancy looking stuff even lowers productivity!{and I'm not talking about use of system's resources only}])

Because I have no way to make screenshots that includes the menu and active window decorations I made the first one with my camera - sorry for the bad qualy.
This shows the four additional buttons I created for my windows. Klicking on them will move the window to one of the 4 virtual screens.
On the right is how my menu looks currently.
An alias in the shell opens Vim with my ~/.fvwm/.config and the menu is reconfigured in no time.

The second screenshot shows my Screen, that's really on 3 Monitors (The lower halves of the left and the right screen are not seen on the Monitors):
24" 1920x1080 as main
right of it a 21" 1920x1200 turned 90° to be right up (1200x1920) - great for shell work, textediting, source coding, PDF reading... great!!
and again right another 21" 1920x1080 for anything "placed besides"...


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13.1-PRERELEASE in seamless mode on 14.0-CURRENT: …

Moving swiftly on … graphics/drm-devel-kmod with FreeBSD 13.1-BETA1:


A single string of commands to (a) install X.Org, SDDM, KDE Plasma and guest additions for VirtualBox; and (b) start services:




SDDM, ready to use Plasma (X11):


13.1-BETA1 in seamless mode – drm.ko loaded, but not in active use (not required in the VirtualBox guest):


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