FreeBSD Screen Shots


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My W520 just updated to FreeBSD 12,2-RELEASE-p7 tonight with a wallpaper image of False Maria from Metropolis.

My site for Demonica could end up with that theme. An image of Rotwang and False Maria are my avatar elsewhere, and most fitting I must admit.

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Catwoman is prowling around the Tom Sawyer Townhouse and my Gateway NV53A running FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE-p7 with AMD Phenom II x 3 N830 Triple Core @ 2.1GHz, 4GB RAM, Hitachi Travelstar 500GB HDD @ 7200RPM and ATI Mobilty Radeon HD 4250.
Stretching the boundaries of what can be classified as a screenshot, this one's animated:


because your cat played with the AC adapter

Pickle cat finds it simpler to occasionally tread on the massive power button of the dock that's conveniently locked-in behind the laptop display, where he likes to sit and watch me.

zpool status consequently reports catastrophic failure of the pool that's on a mobile hard disk drive connected via USB. Numerous reported catastrophes but never a truly permanent error. Thank you, OpenZFS. It's a miracle.

Catwoman is prowling

Billski Squeakelstiltskin (extensions manager) says hi.

Here's my go at this. Just finished a painstakingly difficult installation of TDE. I also had a hard time sending this screenshot, for some reason SeaMonkey doesnt play well with this forums image upload. Alas, here is my main computer running FreeBSD 13. :)
You somehow ended up with a 10.3 binary in the midst of what should have been 13.0-RELEASE?
in the 1st step only the new kernel is installed, so that was expected. Probably it will be better if the new /rescue is installed along with the new kernel so you have more working tools if you get to single user after the first reboot.
Web ( epiphany) believes that I'm Russian, which is wrong, but the wrongness doesn't bother me (it's not my primary browser).

More relevant to Screen Shots:
  • the most recent set of KDE-related updates, through which I have gained a nicely translucent side panel:

2021-06-19 14:32:37.png

… can't play youtube videos. Neither epiphany (web)

I get playback, but there's associated hogging of the kernel. Alain, if you find the same you might like to report a bug.

You don't fancy a nice looking background then?
Nope. Work get lost in them, has always bothered my eyes. The values are either #333333 or #505050.
I can appreciate a pretty background, but if you've got it all covered with windows, you wind up seeing only bits and pieces and I find that distracting. Like when you see a picture of a person that has a tree or telephone pole in the background growing out of their head.

Plain background, no fancy transparency effects on the windows, minimalist controls. Takes fewer resources and less loading on the GPU. Oh the effects like spinning and flipping and bleeping icons when I just want to minimize it, waste of my time "Just close already will you". I leave that stuff to arcade games like pacman or pong.

Of course, all this is simply my opinion, what works for me, I'm not asking anyone else to like or dislike it :)