Freebsd 9.2 | SSH Login OK But SFTP Login Not Working

Hello, dear owner.

I'm using for my customers FreeBSD 9.2 i386. But there is a little problem.

We can not provide login via SFTP.

IPFW Disabled.

Error : Server unexpectedly closed network connection


Thank you for information.

FreeBSD 11.0 - We will install 32 bit installation.

Do you have support for this version?

Can I install MySQL 5.5 on FreeBSD 11.0 ?

FreeBSD 11.0 will be supported until 3 months after the release of 11.1. FreeBSD 11.1 is scheduled to be released at the end of July, beginning of August: You may want to hold-off on 11 until 11.1 is released.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to FreeBSD 10.3 now instead. It will be supported until April 2018.

Can I install MySQL 5.5 on FreeBSD 11.0 ?
All versions of FreeBSD use the same ports tree: databases/mysql55-server.
Your IP address and routing is weird. The gateway is on an entirely different subnet (same provider though). Are you sure those are the correct settings?

This settings working on other FreeBSD versions with the same settings, I'm sure the settings are correct.

Check if those routes are applied properly: netstat -rn
Ok, those seem to have applied correctly. Can you ping that gateway address?
Ok, that works, next try pinging

I am wondering why you're getting duplicate responses though. That's usually an indication there's something really wrong with the network itself.