1. T

    Solved clang error during kernel compilation

    Hello, I have just upgraded my system from 12.2-Release to 13.0-Release without any problems. I had a custom kernel set up before and wanted to compile one for the upgraded install too. Obtained relevant /usr/src from git with branch releng/13.0 and configured it using a copy of GENERIC. I then...
  2. Spity

    What's going on with GNOME3

    Hi, Today, I was doing a clean install of my system and I see that the gnome3 package no longer exists. And the gnome installation is not complete. What's going on?
  3. G

    "No Screens Found"

    Help out. I have a FreeBSD game machine. It was the fifth year of trouble-free use, but then one day, when turning on, an error got out "No Screens Found" And I am on FreeBSD and Linux a little less than zero. I checked the video card, in perfect order. Even stress tests pass without errors...
  4. F

    Can I compile Linux hardware code with FreeBSD?

    So I have a close-source wi-fi card. It works fine with windows ofc and fine with Linux because Ubuntu's developers develop a hardware support for that driver and its open-source. So Im really enjoying using FreeBSD but not being able to connection internet without ethernet cable or extra wi-fi...
  5. neostanniy

    Solved Fatal error on "make clean" after compiling GNOME

    Hello everyone and I apologize for disturbing you, but I need your help. Yesterday I started to build gnome3 desktop from port tree on my freshly installed FreeBSD 13.0. That was an interesting activity, I have to admit. I had a whole bunch of errors during the process (about 10 or so) due to...
  6. F

    How can I set up FreeBSD to a USB driver?

    I want to set up freeBSD to a 16 gb usb driver. I tried to plug my usb while installisation and got Cam statues: CCN request completed with an error. So how can I avoid these errors and setup FreeBSD to my usb driver?
  7. F

    Solved Oops error after removing Glade

    So I just wanna remove Glade UI design thing and now my gnome not opening and giving "oops something went wrong". So how can I fix? I guess removing glade removed some necessary packages together neither.
  8. F

    Linux Binary Compatibility and Zoom

    First of all, I don't wanna want to use Zoom on web version. I want to use it with FreeBSD. I take a look at Linux Binary Compatibility but got lots of errors. I'm guessing they are about shared objects maybe? I saw a package exist for FreeBSD Zoom but it says sound unstable and under...
  9. F

    Solved [INFO] VMWare Shared Folder not visible SOLUTION

    So Im using FreeBSD 12.2 and Im unable to see shared folder. workstation 16.x FreeBSD 12.2 All I want is getting a file on my vm to my computer. How much it can be hard? I tried to use shared folder for nearly 4 hours and failed then tried to use apache24 service to transfer over internet and...
  10. F


    I installed FreeBSD on vmware and all I want to do for two days is to install a properly working Gnome. My hope has tried to end because it seems like there is no solution left that I haven't searched on the internet. I have an Nvidia graphics card and I suspect that too. I followed this post to...
  11. Tahseen Jamal

    Solved FreeBSD 12.x / 13.x / 14.x installation issue on Parallels 16

    Dear All, FreeBSD 12.x and 13.x are giving error of missing /boot/lua/loader.lua and is stuck there I mounted the ISO and checked that the folder and file exist. Still this issue FreeBSD 14.0 doesn't give error but is also stuck at the start with no errors at all I have never faced these...
  12. D

    Segmentation Fault GPU

    Hello, whenever I run clinfo or clpeak I get this error: clpeak: Platform: Clover Device: AMD CEDAR (DRM 2.50.0 / 12.2-RELEASE-p3, LLVM 10.0.1) Driver version : 20.2.3 (FreeBSD) Compute units : 2 Clock frequency : 650 MHz Segmentation fault (core dumped) clinfo; ... ICD...
  13. D

    Solved DRM Module Kernel Panic with pkg

    Hello, I have been trying to get OpenCL working and found out I needed graphics/drm-fbsd12.0-kmod in order to get OpenCL recognize my GPU. The problem is, that module only works if it's built from ports and crashes when it's installed from pkg. The other issue is for number of reasons I can't...
  14. D

    Solved Cannot Install pkg

    Hello, I wanted to check for updates on my server and ran pkg update but the output was: The package management tool is not yet installed on your system. Do you want to fetch and install it now? [y/N]: y Which I replied yes Bootstrapping pkg from...
  15. D

    Solved Corrupt Snapshot Error Portsnap

    Hello, I am trying to install programs from ports collection in my jail but I am having files/f9b2bc14436e0db36c374a6943cc990c652b5af966ddf17afcf3effc6f657cf6.gz not found -- snapshot corrupt. error when trying to install ports collection via portnsap extract. uname -a output: FreeBSD MyJail...
  16. Spity

    Nautilus load a long, long, long disk name

    Installed fusefs-ntfs my loader.conf fuse_load="YES" my sysctl.conf: vfs.usermount=1 and fstab: /dev/ada2s1 /mnt/windows ntfs mountprog=/usr/local/bin/ntfs-3g,rw 0 0 Everthing its ok! but, when I click (for open) on the disk, Nautilus show me a long, long, long name (And the...
  17. Spity

    Solved TTY & nVidia Error

    Install FreeBSD 12.2 with Gnome, when installing the nvidia-driver all the tty (Control + alt + F (x) look like this my rc.conf kld_list="nvidia-modeset" my loader.conf linux_load="YES" nvidia-modeset_load="YES" nvidia_load="YES"
  18. JozanOfAstora

    Solved pkg-static: Unable to drop privileges

    Hi, after upgrading from FreeBSD 12.2 to 12.2-p2 from source, I messed up the mergemaster -Ui part, removing my user and all users created by ports installation like avahi, dbus, hal, polkit, etc. Since those are needed for a lot of stuff like running a window manager I'm stuck with the tty for...
  19. dave

    ZFS Permanent Errors on Disk Replacement Resilvering

    pool: tank state: DEGRADED status: One or more devices has experienced an error resulting in data corruption. Applications may be affected. action: Restore the file in question if possible. Otherwise restore the entire pool from backup. see:
  20. I

    Kernel Panic

    Dear, good day. I am new to freebsd so I use this forum. For a few weeks now, a team I work with has been throwing us kernel panic when it tries to get the system up. We checked the memories with memtest and they threw errors. So we proceeded to change it, they are memory with ecc. Do I need to...