1. apprentice

    Problems transferring via FTP

    FreeBSD 14.0 My question is because I may be doing something wrong, or there is a package missing from my operating system, or perhaps something that needs to be configured. Anyone who can help, thank you! I access the internet via wifi (wpa_supplicant, dhclient) which is provided by my cell...
  2. T

    A way to investigate ftp server configuration on FreeBSD 6.2

    Hi there! Dear Sirs, I'm totally new at FreeBSD but unfortuntaly my current job is concerning to old FreeBSD. I got FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE-p3 installed and there is no way to update it. The current problem is the server has open ftp-connection without any login just by IP accessing of this...
  3. dnb

    Future of FTP

    My question is inspired by the fact that ftp.freebsd.org is listed in the list of projects that still use vsftpd I like the old school style of FTP and would like to use it to give access to a wide range of users of my server. Here I mean read-only anonymous access without any TLS. Just using...
  4. F

    Solved bsdinstall FTP Permission Denied Error

    When I run bsdinstall jail <jailpath> and select a mirror I get: Could not download ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/releases/amd64/amd64/13.0-RELEASE/MANIFEST I click <restart> and and get: Error while fetching ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/releases/amd64/amd64/13.0-RELEASE/base.txt...
  5. eternal_noob

    Deprecating base system ftpd

    Our favourite programmers are discussing wether to deprecate the ftpd in FreeBSD base or not. What do you think? Keep it or toss it? Do you still use it?
  6. F1R3-R4H

    Creating a server

    A guy (with according to his words uses windows) said me that if I want to mount a server, I must learn for (minimum) 4 years, dedicate my orientation in informatics to servers and so, and that I should pay for a server. I think he was talking seriously, since he studied this. I want to do a ftp...
  7. S

    FTP cronjob : Upload from queue until full?

    Hello all, I, as a total freeBSD beginner, will probably be completely in over my head for this one, but please try anyway. :p What I want to achieve; The Laymen's explanation; I want my FreeNAS to upload new TV shows to my tablet every night, until the tablet is full. I need a script to...
  8. S

    How to enforce ftp client open a specific port for data when deal with Active-mode ftp servers?

    To strength security of the firewall (we all know that ftp is a challenge for firewall security) I want enforce ftp-client establish only a specific port for data. My box is an ftp client in terms of ftp communication. I don't need ftp server on my box (we live in era of cloud services!), but...
  9. Lordestark

    FTP package error

    Why are you making this mistake? The Internet is working normally here (if not, would not it be posting in the forum)? Are the servers working properly? (this process is during installation)
  10. Z

    Freebsd 9.2 | SSH Login OK But SFTP Login Not Working

    Hello, dear owner. I'm using for my customers FreeBSD 9.2 i386. But there is a little problem. We can not provide login via SFTP. IPFW Disabled. Error : Server unexpectedly closed network connection Regards.
  11. daBee

    Edit files through FTP

    I'm looking to use FTP as a filesharing system on my LAN. I can mount the volume on my LAN, and can read files, but not write. Is this a permissions issue, or can I provide some directives in a conf file so I can write? Cheers
  12. U

    PF ftp-proxy not adding rules to PF

    I have fresh a server running FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p11 it has a connection to the internet. The /etc/pf.conf has a rule blocking all incoming packets except my ssh connection, dns, ntp and icmp. Now I wanted to enable outgoing ftp (e.g. for updates) and found ftp-proxy. Then made the following...
  13. Kalero

    What's happening with the FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE announcement?

    Hi, Since a few days ago, I see the FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE's iso files in the official FTP tree, but the release has not been announced yet. Does anyone know what's happening? Normally, FreeBSD releases are announced on time, even before the scheduled date. Are these 10.3-RELEASE's iso files...
  14. nonTechnical

    Why can't my jail install a port or ftp in?

    Hiya, I've just installed sysutils/ezjail, built my first jail, and can telnet out of it - so the network appears to work. However, I can't install ports - they fail to download via FTP - and FTP connections don't work: # ftp ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/ Trying ... ftp: Can't connect...
  15. J

    Install and update system and packages without FTP

    Hi, I stumbled upon this line in the FreeBSD official documentation: I'm stunned because I've been looking for ways to work with FreeBSD without FTP for days and it seems impossible. pkg install uses FTP and I find no way to globally override this freebsd-update uses FTP and I find no way to...
  16. J

    [ezjail] Download base system via HTTP instead of FTP?

    Hi, I'm following this tutorial to install and configure ezjail: http://www.bsdnow.tv/tutorials/jails At the step: $ sudo ezjail-admin install -sp the script tries to download ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/releases/amd64/amd64/10.2-RELEASE/base.txz Is it possible to change the base url...
  17. J

    IPFW ipfw stateful ftp?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and I got into FreeBSD only a few weeks ago (I used Linux before that). I'm trying to set up a minimal firewall configuration for a remote computer. Here is the script in my /etc/ipfw.rules file. #!/usr/bin/env bash nic=`netstat -r | awk '/^default/ {print...
  18. harrykar

    Solved Problems in ISO's download

    OK, iI'm a new user and that's my n-th try to download (max download rate iI saw 110KiBs) a system's image :( all iI got till now was only partial downloads (e.g. the DVD image stopped after 2 hours of downloading and 500MB). It seems the central server (ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/) id...