Forum - flickering/stuttering through mobile browser. (opera mini, opera, huawei)


Just wondered if anyone else have had the same problems as me.

I've been browsing through the forum and sometimes ( not all the time ) but sometimes I get this intense "flickering" as If it tries to show 2-3 pages upon each other.

Tested on Huawei P8 ( opera, opera mini, huawei default browser? ) and HTC ( opera mini, opera ).

Might add that I've been outside my home country on vacation and the internet was kinda slow.

Just wanted to know if anybody else is experiencing the same problems?

- Lars
I don't have the flickering, but on mine all the content fits into the screen but because of the top menu bar not collapsing, I can scroll vertically where there's... nothing...
There might be Xenforo "styles" for mobile use. A quick search suggested that this wasn't common, but maybe my search terms were weak.
Yeah had similar issue with Opera (desktop version, latest) on pretty random websites, not only here, using Windows of all OSes.. Pages flicker time to time, sometimes page shows complete blank until I move scroll button back and forward, then the correct view returns.

Mobile Opera felt just sluggish, un-installed it pretty fast from my phone, so I can't comment more.
Im a proud Opera user. I love it, been on a journey from IE to Firefox to Chrome to Opera. I dont like Chrome. Not sure why..