1. Del.Mar

    Solved Screen flickering with NVIDIA

    Hi mates! I'm using NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti, connected to my 165 Hz main monitor via DisplayPort 1.4. I'm using Xorg as my window manager, KDE5 as the desktop environment. If I open browser or another application, screen goes blank a few seconds maybe less. My xorg.conf # nvidia-xconfig: X...
  2. Lars Skogstad

    Forum - flickering/stuttering through mobile browser. (opera mini, opera, huawei)

    Hello. Just wondered if anyone else have had the same problems as me. I've been browsing through the forum and sometimes ( not all the time ) but sometimes I get this intense "flickering" as If it tries to show 2-3 pages upon each other. Tested on Huawei P8 ( opera, opera mini, huawei default...