1. BaronBS

    Forum dark theme needs a update.

    So I have been using the FreeBSD forum with dark theme for a while now. And I notice that somethings are impossible to read with this color scheme. Here are some examples that I could find in the last 5 min.
  2. A

    Business networks

    Hello, does anyone knows alternative chat networks or good discussion forums for business? any discussion forums references that contain marketplace? Thank you
  3. Buck

    Reviving old threads?

    Can someone explain to me why answering with a solution (or adding a useful info) in an old thread is considered universally bad? I usually look for answers on search engines, naturally forum threads on various sites turn up. So I'm essentially treating the threads as QA pages, if a relevant...
  4. M

    Solved Can't access over VPN

    I am using Surfshark as my VPN provider and strangely I can not access for FreeBSD Forums when the VPN is active: Error message in (ungoogled-)Chromium: ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED Error message in Firefox: PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR Error message in Bromite (Android): ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED...
  5. malavon

    Plea to NVidia to add vulkan support to our graphics driver

    Hi all, I've created a post on the NVidia forum to request Vulkan support for our GPU drivers. Even for people who don't play games or anything this will become very useful in the future. OpenGL is slowly being deprecated (see my UE4 post as well) and to future-proof our favourite OS we really...
  6. aragats

    Thanks vs Reactions

    Should the Forums follow social networks' trends?
  7. Lars Skogstad

    Forum - flickering/stuttering through mobile browser. (opera mini, opera, huawei)

    Hello. Just wondered if anyone else have had the same problems as me. I've been browsing through the forum and sometimes ( not all the time ) but sometimes I get this intense "flickering" as If it tries to show 2-3 pages upon each other. Tested on Huawei P8 ( opera, opera mini, huawei default...