1. Voltaire

    kitty and linux opera are unusable

    www/linux-opera/ x11/kitty/ My observation is about the above two packages. When I open Opera the CPU goes to 100% and it doesn't even open after a long wait. kitty does open how I remember it but also uses extremely high CPU and is abnormally slow. I think these two packages are currently...
  2. F1R3-R4H

    Porting a program

    A long time ago, I found some kind of fusion between Opera and Tor. It was called OperaTor, I wonder that no one here has heard nor read about it, since it was only for the system of Micr0s0ft Microsoft. Well, the thing is that I really liked that program: it was slow (of course, it's based on...
  3. goshanecr

    Is that presto opera can appear in ports?

    Good day Friends! Some day ago appears news about opera classic source code were on GitHub. https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/13434/opera-presto-code-in-github It is a non legal source code, so I have a question, if community will develope that code in non legal way is it possible to be in ports?
  4. Lars Skogstad

    Forum - flickering/stuttering through mobile browser. (opera mini, opera, huawei)

    Hello. Just wondered if anyone else have had the same problems as me. I've been browsing through the forum and sometimes ( not all the time ) but sometimes I get this intense "flickering" as If it tries to show 2-3 pages upon each other. Tested on Huawei P8 ( opera, opera mini, huawei default...