Other Eclipse git plugin (EGit) for FreeBSD

Hi there,

I have installed java/eclipse (by using pkg(8)) along with some additional plugins for C/C++ (CDT) and Python (PyDev) development. Instead of using available ports for java/eclipse-cdt and java/eclipse-pydev, I have chosen to install these plugins by using the "Help --> Install New Software" option in java/eclipse.

I also need/want git(1) support in my IDE and attempted to install Eclipse Git plugin (EGit) (by using the "Help --> Install New Software" option in java/eclipse). Although, the installation went smoothly, I am not able to use the plugin at all.

Has anybody had any success in getting Eclipse Git plugin (EGit) working in FreeBSD?

PS1 : I know there are ports available for PORT]java/eclipse-cdt[/PORT] and java/eclipse-pydev, but my attempts to build + run a simple C program with the ports version of these software failed numerous times, so I decided to use the native plugin rather than the one available in ports. I have little to no experience with Eclipse, so, it could well be my fault.

PS2 : I am still yet to try installation of eclipse + CDT + PyDev + Egit on a Debian gnu/Linux VM to see how it goes.