1. D-FENS

    eclipse is broken

    Hi, I have noticed for some time that the java/eclipse 4.6 is broken due to expiring dependencies (webkit-gtk2 and webkit-gtk3). Is there a hope for a newer version, or will the port expire end of April 2019? I found a bugzilla ticket with an updated port for eclipse 4.11 and I am currently...
  2. marcelbonnet

    Solved poudriere fails, but make on host does not

    Hi, everyone. I tried to build java/eclipse (eclipse-4.6_2) but it failed with poudriere. The last lines from the log don't make it clear to me. But, compiling the port directly on the host, worked (cd /usr/ports/java/eclipse && make install clean) My machine has 8 cores and 8GB RAM. Would be...
  3. fnoyanisi

    Other Eclipse git plugin (EGit) for FreeBSD

    Hi there, I have installed java/eclipse (by using pkg) along with some additional plugins for C/C++ (CDT) and Python (PyDev) development. Instead of using available ports for java/eclipse-cdt and java/eclipse-pydev, I have chosen to install these plugins by using the "Help --> Install New...
  4. M

    Problems in making eclipse

    Hi everyone! I've been updating the world using portmaster. Now encounter a problem in making eclipse. root@Diaxa:/usr/ports/java/eclipse # make install ===> Building for eclipse-4.5.1 [INFO] Scanning for projects... [INFO] Computing target platform for MavenProject...