1. A

    Avidemux latest plugins

    Hello, Is it posible that someone can compile the latest plugins (mkv, x264, x265) for Avidemux? I'm using GhostBsd and the last codecs that can be used are xvid (20years bold). Cheers
  2. kkretsch

    C search for up to date pkg plugin examples

    Using freeBSD 12.2 I try to program a pkg plugin. So far it is found by the pkg tool and gets triggered by the install operation. To be able to compare with best practices I'd like to see some source code for a pgk plugin which is triggered just before the installation of a new package. I'm...
  3. fnoyanisi

    Other Eclipse git plugin (EGit) for FreeBSD

    Hi there, I have installed java/eclipse (by using pkg) along with some additional plugins for C/C++ (CDT) and Python (PyDev) development. Instead of using available ports for java/eclipse-cdt and java/eclipse-pydev, I have chosen to install these plugins by using the "Help --> Install New...
  4. Kalero

    Other Wifi signal icon at Lumina desktop

    Hi, I installed Lumina desktop 0.8.7 on FreeBSD 10.2 and if I look for Lumina screenshots at the web, I see they have the typical wifi signal icon at the system tray, but I can't find it in the plugins list for the panel (Lumina is a plugin based desktop). I've searched at FreeBSD packages and...