Any gamers out there?


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Biggest issue with the consoles for me is that they are so under-powered. You'll buy some new game and then discover that compared to PC version your graphics is watered down and games themselves are severely limited. Because console hardware simply can't handle the load otherwise. For example: servers you play in allow only 16 players instead of 32, 48 or 64 you'd see on PC version of the same game. Building a gaming PC out of up to 5y old hardware costs about as much as console and such PC actually performs much better. If you only want to play some particular game you can optimize the costs and do a targeted build, reducing the hardware costs further.


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It is pretty cool to see people finding GameBSD. Currently there is a new update planned, a major overhaul for the sound functionality.


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I don't game as much as what I used too. I do have a Raspberry Pi set up with Retropie for whenever i need to kill a couple hours playing Final Fantasy VI or Zelda.


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TBH, I don't like consoles very much. Last time I had a controller in my hands... well, it was PS2 too, lol. Moreover, I can't imagine playing my favorite Overwatch on the console. It's already hard, and with all these strange buttons it would be a living Hell. On the other hand, maybe this is because I'm noob. I dunno. I got tired of trying to make a good ranking for my hero, so I just bought Overwatch boost. Lol. Now I have a cool hero. One of the best.
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Not much of a gamer or game maker, but I enjoy creating software that makes game creation easier. I contribute to the ENIGMA Development Environment for this reason, and the user fundies as well as myself are the two people responsible for official FreeBSD support for the game creation suite. More details on the official website -

Big thanks to fundies for helping me countless hours to get it working, despite the fact he doesn't like the BSD's and prefers Linux. It was very selfless on his part and it wouldn't have been made possible otherwise.



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When I was young I enjoyed some weekends with my friends to have a 50-hour LAN-Party and play Quake or Doom. Yeah, that was fantastic, and the pizza service was happy, too.
Today I play chess on Lichess (as long Corona lasts), else I prefer the real thing: OTB (over the board) in a chess club and tournaments, and occasionally in a pub. If you want to challenge me on lichess: I'm Walter_von_Entferndt. My playing strength is low to moderate.


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I'm not a gamer, but I've played a couple games.
River Raid on Atari 2600, Indianapolis 500 on a PC with two 5.25 FDD (IBM AT?) and naturally
The triune G: Doom II, Duke Nukem 3D and Quake II


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FWIW, currently my favourite game console is an Oculus Quest. That's completely off-topic here, though. :)


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It doesn't. At least not when I moved from Arma 2 to 3. The biggest problem will be CentOS 7 not having the right glibc version. Even using a Debian jail on FreeBSD it was a headache to get it to work. I ended up getting a Linux VPS to get it to run reliably.


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If you have enough money, you can buy PS4, it's more powerful than PS3 and there are a lot of sports games, which will look more realistic because of PS4 specs