Any gamers out there?

Hey, I am thinking about investing in a video game console. I want to get the PS3. I am always at least one generation behind when it comes to video game consoles just because it is a lot cheaper than to have the latest technology. I have a PS2 that does not play too nicely with my HDTV and I think it is about time I move up to the PS3. I mainly want to play rpgs and maybe some football or sports games. What do you guys think? Is it worth it to get a PS3? Do you guys like video games as well? Thanks.
Big gamer here but not on consoles. You might as well hand me a melon as a controller because I will do just as well with it...been gaming using a keyboard and mouse since the 80's so it's really hard for me to switch. Wouldn't mind gaming on a big TV though - I like the big screen.
I love my PS3. And not just for gaming. On my FreeBSD server I stream all of my media content via DLNA by using this port - net/minidlna. I also use Plex media server on my server, and PS3 has an app for that too. Honestly, although I have a smart TV in my house, buying a cheaper non-smart TV, and then mating it with a PS3/4 is not a bad way to go. You get a media player, gaming console, DVD player, and Blue-Ray player all in one box. Getting PS3 and (replacing Windows with) FreeBSD into my household has been without a doubt been two of my best decisions ever. It works wonderfully, and I have a happy family too.

Sevendogs - Gaming on big TVs is nice.
PC gamer here... Consoles are nice, but I prefer a mouse+keyboard. I got a controller for the action games (like assassins creed, etc), but that's it. Console games are more expensive than PC as well (thank god for steam specials) :)
I game quite a lot. Almost 50 hours in the past two weeks according to Steam. But, no consoles. Only PC gaming. I have a nice rig for desktop usage (Core i7, 16GB, GTX1080) and a few years ago I built a decent HTPC to hookup to my TV. The HTPC isn't used much any more since I got a Steam Link. Steam Link works surprisingly well. But I would recommend using ethernet, not wireless. For media playing I have a Raspberry Pi (several actually) running LibreElec (the continuation of OpenElec). The media itself is stored on a FreeBSD server with a 4 x 3TB RAID-Z set.
In my youth, I was a moderate gamer on the PC. I stopped for a while (saved a lot of money on computer parts). Then "reality tv" went prime time and I stopped watching TV and started getting back into video games.

I got an XBox 360 many years ago and still use it regularly. It is getting hard to find XBox 360 games now but I've got a bunch of them, so I'm pretty happy. No gold membership (strictly local gaming).

If I were buying a console today, it would be the PS4 (as someone above pointed out DVD/Blueray/media player, etc.) or the NES Classic (if I could find one).

However, I've gotten into PC gaming using Steam to buy the games. A friend pointed me at it. Lots of sales, especially if you can wait for the new games to age a bit. I just started messing around with Elder Scrolls Online (thanks to the recent sale).
I used to be an avid computer gamer. I even learned to program via QuakeC :)

However, even being a massive fan of Half-Life, I pretty much stopped playing all games once Steam and other forms of DRM came into the scene. Its weird but I can no longer find fun in something that I know will no longer be accessible to me in ~10 years. I know its a bit daft because I should have gotten my enjoyment out of the software by then but I just despise the control that any one can have over me.

Not to mention I started to find cracking software (i.e stripping protections) so much more fun and satisfying than playing games anyway. Funny how interests evolve huh? ;)

That said, not all game developers / publishers are evil. As part of my PhD, I am working alongside games companies on technologies that can prolong the lifespan of games (which is a form of artwork in a way), without having to manually port the software to different platforms (or even releasing the source code). So I guess I *am* still fascinated by computer games :D
PC-gamer here, worst thing about it, is need to have Windows on hard drive. Though I'm not an ideological Windows hater.
That's probably the main reason I don't play PC games any more. I just don't want to have to use Windows. Right the only Windows machine I have is an XP system that can in no way play modern games. My main system has FreeBSD on one hard drive and Debian on another. I just don't want to have to deal with Windows on another drive or partition. That and also if I start to play PC games I would need the latest hardware which I just don't don't have the money for, nor do I need right now.

I did wind up buying that PS3 though and I love it. All the games are like $10 at the local game store, as opposed to like $40-$50 for the PS4. I've been playing some Final Fantasy 13, Madden 15, and this Batman game. The games look great on the big HDTV I have. It's been some time since I've found myself enjoying video games so much, it is a great feeling to be back into them. To just get lost in an immersive RPG is really neat, also I am learning a lot about how football works by playing Madden.
While I'm a die-hard PC gamer myself, the PS3-era did have some amazing titles that have aged relatively well and which you could probably pick up for pretty cheap: Fallout: New Vegas, Dark Souls, Red Dead Redemption, Portal/Portal 2, Dishonored, Assassin's Creed 2 (AKA Assassin's Creed: The Good One), and Arkham Asylum come to mind. The replay value of those first two with all the expanded content is especially high. The Last of Us was also the only console-exclusive title that ever tempted me to rent a console just so I could play it.
used to be a big pc gamer, now days, play stuff on steam once in a while. Depends on my mood heh = ]
Finally contained my windows into a vm (qemu w/ kvm). Its... usable, but I have not ironed out all of the issues yet. Hopefully I won't have to admit defeat and install windows on metal again X.X we'll see.
BTW does anyone know how far away are we (FreeBSD or DragonflyBSD, since they too seem to be interested in this) from a semi stable GPU passthrought? I heard FreeBSD xen dom0 is a thing, and bhyve is picking up speed. But I thought both of those projects are currently "in heavy development"?

As for console... too much money for me, but if you are willing to hunt for deals. You can get an old PS3 from ebay and troll thriftshops/ good will for donated games.
I have a P.S.2 as well and couple old games I play very very occasionally. Thanks for reminding me I need to actually go and hook it up in the new apartment heh.^^

remainder of my systems are all unix (htpc, router and server/storage vault) thought ^^
What about emulators/higan, in the description it says it runs Nintendo. Its website, says it runs various old Nintendo, Sega and few other consoles.

That there is pretty cool, for early 90's or late 80's console gamers.

* I tested it, and it is only set up for Nintendo games. It doesn't readily work with keyboard inputs.
Biggest issue with the consoles for me is that they are so under-powered. You'll buy some new game and then discover that compared to PC version your graphics is watered down and games themselves are severely limited. Because console hardware simply can't handle the load otherwise. For example: servers you play in allow only 16 players instead of 32, 48 or 64 you'd see on PC version of the same game. Building a gaming PC out of up to 5y old hardware costs about as much as console and such PC actually performs much better. If you only want to play some particular game you can optimize the costs and do a targeted build, reducing the hardware costs further.