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A Call for FreeBSD Artwork


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kpedersen said:
if you want a nicer FreeBSD logo for any backgrounds you want to make... I much prefer this one..


I am not really a fan of that odd 3D round ball with cones on the side.

Does anyone think it looks good?
I'm not a fan of the round ball either, so I made some wallpapers for myself from one of your logos that I like. I'm going with the dark minimalist things lately...




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Two more FreeBSD wallpapers, and I can put a different one on each side of my desktop cube :e

Regarding the "round ball" -> agreed.


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The original purpose of this topic was creating artwork for, and donating artwork to, FreeBSD (for splash screens and such). This thread is slowly but surely evolving into a 'desktop wallpaper appreciation and request' thread, which is not what the original poster had asked for. Please re-read the opening post and try to stay on topic.


Aspiring Daemon

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I created these splash screen versions of my above wallpaper. These splash screens require you use the splash_pcx_load option and have vesa enabled in the kernel or load the module.

Same as above wallpaper just pcx version.

This has "Loading..." added at the top

I'm working on a bmp version, but I couldn't get gimp to easily save as an 8 bit image, I'm sure I just missed something.

I was wonder if there are any plans to update the splash code to allow for more useful splash screens? Something that would allow you to see the boot message along with the splash or at least and animated loading type thing?


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hmmm, my images seems distorted :(

Is there any image hosting that i can use without any distortion ?


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failiem.lv... It's file hosting at latvia... you can even host without registering.... but in this case files uploaded will be deleted in 30 or 60 days [don't remember]

ah forgot to mention....
files will be deleted in 30 or 60 days after last access, so as long as someone access these files, they will be saved

If you register, you'll get 1GB free space....
Then you can buy another 1G for ~0.98Ls = ~ 2$ [Roughly]



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^ totally stupid IMO.

Individuals may use the daemon for their personal use within the bounds of good taste (an example of bad taste was a picture of the BSD daemon blowtorching a Solaris logo)

This one's not different.


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IMO that's what exactly should be dropped (horns, hoofs...).
FreeBSD is very serious OS with great future.
Logo must be relevant and for sure shall not be cartoon/comics alike.
In general any great logo is never a picture but rather sketch, symbol and the simpler the better.
To keep succession with current logo I propose to leave only the TRIDENT.
What is trident? It's a power. It's exactly about FreeBSD.