A Call for FreeBSD Artwork


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I told you ... you rule !!
I've got a new wallpaper on my desktop now :D
Thanks killasmurf86 !


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Created a merge between the freebsd logo and the drupal droplet logo just for fun this morning. Got the inspiration from a new theme I'm using for my drupal site.

See the integrated image on site here: http://www.cargobay.se


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Sorry for not posting in the last few weeks, My personal life and work has kept me very busy. Anyway, here is Marshall Kirk McKusick's response about posting wallpaper on my site, http://picasaweb.google.com/randy.belk/FreeBSDWallpaper, that might violate his copyright.

Mr. McKusick's response:

> Mr. McKusick,
> I have the site back up and I have also added that your
> are the copyright holder of the BSD Daemon on the top
> right of the page.
> I am providing these to the FreeBSD community for free!

Your usage of the BSD Daemon in this context is acceptable.
Please note however that many of the variations that are
used on the wallpaper designs are not owned by me. They have
been created by other people and I do not have the right to
grant your use of those variations on the BSD Daemon. When
you grab a wallpaper to add to your collection you should
ensure that the person that you got it from allows it to be

Marshall Kirk McKusick

Here is my response.

I downloaded all of the Wallpapers from public wallpaper sites. So, I guess that it would be OK to distribute them. I will try to go back through them and see if I can find the owner. Thank you very much for your response. Would you mind if I post it on the FreeBSD Forum? Just in case some one questions the copyright again. I will not include any email addresses.

Mr. McKusick's response:

Sorry about the delay. Your email got lost in my inbox...
You may post my response on the FreeBSD Forum.

Marshall Kirk McKusick


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@vermaden: what is the font name we uses for FreeBSD logo ?


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You can contact the author, specified in the link that I gave you.


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rbelk said:
I've added it to my FreeBSD Wallpaper site http://picasaweb.google.com/randy.belk/FreeBSDWallpaper, hope you don't mind. :p
rbelk, glad you liked it and of course i don't mind, au contraire - i'm happy to see it there.

@killasmurf: i have other formats but i just wanted to see if anybody liked the wallpaper before going through the bother of uploading them.
Will do it tonight!



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If you are going to post some other resolutions _PLEASE_ post a 1280x800 version so I can use it on my notebook ;)

jpg version are welcome too =D

Your work is really good and higly aprecciated :D


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Yes !!
Thanks for your work gionata !!
Looking _awesome_ in my laptop now !

Bes Regards and really looking forward to see more of your work in here =D

Gonzalo Nemmi