1. B

    Solved zfs "bad property list: invalid property 'checkpoint'"

    Hi, I have posted a question on the freebsd list, but I have not received a reply yet. Can you please help me with fixing the ZFS filesystem on a machine that I administer? On my FreeBSD XXXX 11.2-RELEASE-p9 FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE-p9 #0: Tue Feb 5 15:30:36 UTC 2019 [hidden...
  2. F1R3-R4H

    Install FreeBSD with zfs

    Now I'm trying to install FreeBSD with 3 USB as mirrors. Would you recommend it to me? They are 2 of 16 GB and 1 of 8 GB.
  3. D

    ZFS need help to make right configuration for my file system

    Hello everybody. I need help: I have HP proliant ml310e gen8 server with Xeon E3-1220v3 on board and two regular 1 TB sata disks. The server also has 8 GB ECC memory. I disabled integrated B120i controller, and installed FreeBSD 12 on mirrored zfs pool. The pool is: # zpool status pool: zroot...
  4. abqcheeks

    ZFS Resilvering ZIL reads whole pool?

    I had an unpleasant experience this week and am hoping someone can shed some light on it for me. I have a raidz3 pool with 10 2TB disks plus mirrored ZIL on SSDs, running on FreeBSD 10.2. Pool status: pool: tank state: ONLINE scan: resilvered 0 in 20h41m with 0 errors on Mon Apr 8...
  5. B

    ZFS Help me understand raidz1-1

    Hi I am a Data Recovery engineer and this is my first post here and also the first time I work on raidz, I got a customer needs to recover data from damaged NAS storage with 36 hard drives. I have a good experience recovering data from Other types of raid like 5, 10 etc, but this is my first...
  6. J

    ZFS FreeBSD 11 ZFS issues, are they a problem in R12?

    Hi, I was reading the errata for 11 and 12. It looks like there are some serious issues with ZFS in R11 but the R12 errata does not include any ZFS issues. Is it the case that those issues including the "no work around" for R11 do not exist in R12, because they were fixed in code, or have...
  7. M

    ZFS ZFS CKSUM errors replacing last drive in 4TB -> 10TB upgrade

    I upgraded a 6 drive RaidZ2 set from 4TB drives to 10TB drives. This is what I used to swap out the last drive: # zpool replace logrus diskid/DISK-PK1334PBG6AWBSp1 diskid/DISK-2YJ7LSZD This is the result: # zpool status logrus pool: logrus state: DEGRADED status: One or more devices has...
  8. M

    GTX 1070 Ti?

    Hi, I have been running Solaris for many years, but am considering switching to FreeBSD, because of ZFS support which is important to me. So I have four questions that I hope you can help me with? 1) I have an LSI2008 sas card, is it supported? 2) I have a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 Ti graphics...
  9. P

    ZFS OS down with repeating swap_pager indefinite wait buffer messages on console

    Hello: I have a FreeBSD 12.0 virtual machine on a KVM virtual private server. I installed from the 12.0-RELEASE installer ISO and chose encrypted ZFS root file system. I believe after that choice I accepted the default partitioning. So SWAP is part of the encrypted ZFS root disk. I'm using the...
  10. mickidymick

    ZFS Importing a zfs pool on freenas from another system

    Hey guys, Ok background, so I had freenas 9.10.1 running with a raid0 zfs pool 3x 3TB HDDs (don't worry I have everything backed up nightly on a separate server running raid 5... so worst case I give up and rebuild it). So I went to update freenas to 11.2 and something happened with the upgrade...
  11. Q

    Mounting an encrypted zfs GELI partition - zpool?

    Using a live media, I have taken a dd image of my main encrypted zfs GELI FreeBSD partition (not the entire disk) and of the encrypted key file as well. The dd image and the encrypted file are on an external disk now. Now I started FreeBSD normally, I did mdconfig and did a geli attach of the dd...
  12. G

    ZFS mountroot fails error 5

    Hello, I asked it on maillist freebsd-questions, but no answers. I have a server with 2x2TB with geli + zfs-mirror disks and zfs on root with gptzfsboot. Disks are ada0 and ada1. Previously they were at ada1 and ada2. I get stuck at mountroot> stage. System starts, I input the passphrase, get...
  13. mixcro

    Solved NFS compressratio problem

    Hi guys, I'm a new user to freeBSD. I created a zpool and set compress to lz4 , then started the NFS server. After writing some files from the client (ubuntu), I noticed that the compressratio remains to be 1.00x. root@freeBSD_Mixcro:/nfs # zfs get compressratio NAME PROPERTY...
  14. roccobaroccoSC

    Solved Binaries get rewritten at jail start with unionfs

    I am working on a solution for mass jails deployment based on ZFS datasets and unionfs. A jail template is created by extracting base archive into the dataset. Then the dataset is mounted read-only in all the jails' roots and each jail has its own lean dataset, where only the deltas are stored...
  15. J

    How to manage encryption keys with geli and ZFS?

    Since this is not a hard technical question it was placed in off-topic. Please let me know if I should move it. When using geli encryption on larger ZFS machines, it would seem practical to have all of the disks share the same master key so that the administrator would not have to enter a...
  16. Nyakov

    512b sector size on consumer SSD

    I have 3 cheap consumer SSDs on hands and all of them reporting 512b sector size physical and logical. And this is confuses me. So I wonder, should I actually create ZFS pools on them with 512b sector size? Or I still should go with 4k?
  17. S

    ZFS zpool, replace two device with one

    I have real zpool with files, but want to test firstly. I created simple zpool with files: # zpool status -v pool: ztst state: ONLINE scan: resilvered 19.5K in 0h0m with 0 errors on Thu Mar 14 14:44:20 2019 config: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM ztst...
  18. S

    Solved New SSD, best way to move OS from old disk to new one?

    I have old small 16GB SSD and now I got better 128GB Samsung 850 pro SSD. Copying stuff to new one is easy with dd, but what block size I should use with it? I not sure what to do with old 16GB SSD, maybe it is good place for swap? 16GB SSD is ada0 and 128GB ada1. gpart list Geom name: ada0...
  19. S

    ZFS I do need help to restore data from broken zfs zpool

    HI, my 3 disk raidz was lost during a system reboot happend a few days ago. Since then I cant import the zpool and even zdb -e <pool> runs into a kernel Oops. A simple zpool import shows the pool and no error. so should be importable but isnt. How can I get the pool at least imported for...
  20. S

    ZFS A problem with booting FreeBSD on ZFS

    Good day! Problem: after rebooting the server version 11.1, an error flies to the screen (see screenshots) unable to remount devfs under /dev Tell me, is there a solution to restore server load?