1. S

    ZFS zpool, replace two device with one

    I have real zpool with files, but want to test firstly. I created simple zpool with files: # zpool status -v pool: ztst state: ONLINE scan: resilvered 19.5K in 0h0m with 0 errors on Thu Mar 14 14:44:20 2019 config: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM ztst...
  2. S

    Solved New SSD, best way to move OS from old disk to new one?

    I have old small 16GB SSD and now I got better 128GB Samsung 850 pro SSD. Copying stuff to new one is easy with dd, but what block size I should use with it? I not sure what to do with old 16GB SSD, maybe it is good place for swap? 16GB SSD is ada0 and 128GB ada1. gpart list Geom name: ada0...
  3. S

    ZFS I do need help to restore data from broken zfs zpool

    HI, my 3 disk raidz was lost during a system reboot happend a few days ago. Since then I cant import the zpool and even zdb -e <pool> runs into a kernel Oops. A simple zpool import shows the pool and no error. so should be importable but isnt. How can I get the pool at least imported for...
  4. S

    ZFS A problem with booting FreeBSD on ZFS

    Good day! Problem: after rebooting the server version 11.1, an error flies to the screen (see screenshots) unable to remount devfs under /dev Tell me, is there a solution to restore server load?
  5. I

    ZFS Zvol for Esxi

    Hi All, I have a pool as Raid10 with 10 TB capacity, I want present a zvol for Esxi as Datastore, what is your opinion about: 1. I create a zvol with 10TB or 2. I create two or many zvol with different capacity and present them to Esxi? very thanks for your helps,
  6. I

    ZFS How to get Latency and IOPS in a Zvol?

    Hi All, do it is possible that i find Latency and IOPS from zpool iostat -vl output for a zvol? very thanks for your helps. The best Regard,
  7. Z

    Solved [ZFS & UFS] UFS or ZFS for the main drive on a NAS ?

    Hi, For a NAS, the question is UFS or ZFS for main drive ? I'm thinking about 2 options, which one would you recommend ? It is a recent hardware, Intel i3. 8Go. Main drive is an old 1To classical HDD while the 4 other one are new 4To 'NAS' HDD of 2 different brands. No SSD. Option 1 full ZFS...
  8. nerozero

    ZFS ZFS root, mirror, replacing faulty disk

    Hello, Doing this for a first time on live system, so please correct me if I'm doing something wrong. Also doing this on remote system, and it is quite hard to get there. System description: rootfs on zfs, only 2 disks, mirror Disks: /dev/ada0, /dev/ada1(new disk, old disk not spinning...
  9. A

    ZFS FreeBSD installation onto zfs root (mirror) using sysinstall ...

    I am going to install my new system with a zpool mirror volume as the root. The instructions for this process are quite clear and I see how to follow them: https://wiki.freebsd.org/RootOnZFS/GPTZFSBoot/Mirror ... all the way through using install.sh to: for dir in base catpages dict doc...
  10. forquare

    Solved Copying installation from one system (zfs send | recv)

    Hi all, I've got a FreeBSD installation on my VPS, it uses ZFS as its file system. At the end of last year I wanted to clone it onto a local VirtualBox VM, so I did something like the following: # zfs snap -r zroot@2018-11-06 # zfs send -R zroot@2018-11-06 | gzip | ssh my.home.system "cat >...
  11. Roy Chan

    Best ZFS management practice with two mirrored hard disks?

    Hi all, I'm currently managing a dedicated server with two 3TB hard disks but ZFS seems like a stranger to me. I want something like RAID-1 for data redundancy. In the storage management part, by default, the auto ZFS-on-root wizard utilizes the two whole disks (not partitions) and set up a...
  12. v.okaevich

    ZFS How to get access to a file system tree on the second disk with ZFS?

    Hi, everyone! There is two hard drive on the system % uname -a FreeBSD desktop.freebsd.lan 12.0-RELEASE-p2 FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE-p2 r343203 OptiPlex amd64 Description of the connected disks: KINGSTON - SSD disk with newly installed FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE-p2 WD - old SATA disk with FreeBSD 11.2...
  13. GeorgeK

    How to install over an older system but keep disk partitions?

    Hello, I have an old FreeBSD system (running 9.3-RELEASE) that I would like to update to the latest 12.0. Trying a "live USB" it seems that the new system would work OK. In the current installation I have a specific partitioning scheme on the boot disk (SSD) and several HDDs configured for ZFS...
  14. brian

    Solved Encrypted ZFS pool stuck offline

    I have 4 disks in a RAIDZ with geli encryption. I'm currently running FreeNAS 11.2. I'm posting here because their forum doesn't have a great reputation. One of them has been having issues so I decided to pull it and run a quick test to verify things. without thinking I decided to offline the...
  15. RedPhoenix

    What Do YOU Use FreeBSD For, and Do You Use UFS or ZFS? :)

    I use it for development, you know, Programming 'n stuff... :) I also use it for ZFS, since I keep backups of my friends' and family members' data. :) I also use it for other things, like when I use Linux, but want more of a UN*X-y feel. It also speaks to how good of an OS it is when I...
  16. C

    ZFS Data missing in a degraded zfs pool

    Hi ! This is my first experience with ZFS. I have created a raidz2 zfs pool with 5 drives, no spares (I know won't happen again). It's a lab server so no critical data. The pool became degraded after a HD failure. (showing as FAULTED with too many errors). Result: Some of data I had...
  17. S

    Ransomware Protection & Secret Backup Server using Rsync

    Hi, I need an advise and correct direction to my problem. I am a new FreeBSD user. Our recent Windows 10 machine was hit by a Ransomware and it spread to other machines on Network also. To protect that in future, I added a new HDD on the system and installed FreeBSD 12.0 x64 using HyperV on it...
  18. jdb

    Solved zrepl config error

    Hey guys :) I am new to sysutils/zrepl and I am currently trying to set it up... I followed the offical tutorial (https://zrepl.github.io/tutorial.html) and I am getting this error when I try to check the config file with zrepl test config error parsing config file: cannot parse job...
  19. J

    Swap on ZFS in 2018?

    In the past there were some interesting discussions about swap with ZFS, and its performance when a machine actually runs out of memory. These include: 2012 thread 2016 thread 2015 bug report Many people, perhaps most, setup swap when they setup ZFS. But have any of you actually put it to the...
  20. G

    ZFS ZFS+geli: failed to read pad2 area of primary vdev

    Hi there, I am currently running an FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE and preparing for upgrade (late, I know). The only thing I am worried about is a message "failed to read pad2 area of primary vdev" during the boot process when geli needs the decryption phrase. I searched the forum here but only found...