1. schojo

    ZFS i/o error - all block copies unavailable after freebsd-update

    Hi all, i just did a freebsd-update fetch, freebsd-update install and reboot from 13.0-RELEASE to 13.0-RELEASE-p2 and get greeted with this: Just yesterday everything was fine, zpool status had all four hard disks ONLINE... what can i do? :/
  2. C

    ZFS ZFS and Hotswap Indicator LEDs?

    This may be a dumb question, but when a hotswap drive in a server fails under ZFS does the LED indicating a drive failure come on for that drive? Another question: can hotswap drives simply be replaced under ZFS to have it handle replicating the data, or are manual actions required within the...
  3. I

    bhyve Giving less than 8 GB of RAM to bhyve FreeBSD guests

    I'm experimenting bhyve with virtualized FreeBSD guests. Host system: FreeBSD 13 with 8 GB or RAM on Intel chip. On installation, there is a message that says ZFS tuning is necessary for using FreeBSD with less than 8 GB of RAM. I tried giving 1 GB to bhyve FreeBSD guests and they seem to be...
  4. ZapDragon

    ZFS Copy a dataset, containing Several Datasets, with Snapshots.

    I have a single dataset that I am trying to move to a ZFS pool. The Dataset itself does not contain data, but more datasets. vault/root 1.62T 8.08T 336K vault/root/ds1 42.8G 8.08T 895M vault/root/ds2 6.65G 8.08T 272M vault/root/ds3 102M 8.08T 102M vault/root/ds4 12.9G...
  5. martinrame

    bhyve vm-bhyve: dataset does not exists

    Hi, I have one virtual machine that returns "dataset does not exist" when I run vm info. The configuration file of this vm is in /zroot/vms/windows7, there are two files device.map and windows7.conf. device.map (hd0) /datos/vms/Windows7/os_disk (hd1) /datos/vms/Windows7/datos_disk...
  6. M

    ZFS Root on ZFS and backups.

    Hi all, If I have a root on ZFS pool, it is my understanding that if I zfs send the ZFS pool to some location, then the entire pool is backed up to that location, but that backup cannot be restored to root with zfs recv. If I have a system that has only four drives and I wish to aggregate these...
  7. S

    ZFS type of hard disks names support by freebsd

    I have written zfs install script for custom partitions. but we have a challenge in the current script it will detect hard disks type(as primary disk) like ada*(iso) and vtbd*(cloud server like digital ocean) since we came across these type of disks only. but when we install OS with custom...
  8. s0undsp4c3

    New freebsd-swap space with 400GB but htop shows 66.0G

    Hi daemons, I created a new partition: sudo gpart add -t freebsd-swap -i 2 ada 2 sudo swapon /dev/ada2p2 It works great but, the whole partition is of 400G but, htop only shows `66.0G` Why is that?
  9. decuser

    ZFS What's an easy/understandable way to backup my zpool across machines

    I apologize in advance if this is inartfully asked... I have a zpool on one machine that I want to backup to another - both are running FreeBSD 13 w/OpenZFS. I would like to run the backup every night, automatically. Currently, I run the following script: ~/backup-scm.sh #!/usr/local/bin/bash...
  10. grahamperrin

    Solved arcstat(1)

    arcstat I have the manual page but the command is not found. Will it be found if I boot with openzfs instead of zfs? % date ; uname -v Sun 9 May 2021 01:12:06 BST FreeBSD 14.0-CURRENT #94 main-n246499-097e8701c9f: Thu May 6 07:26:23 BST 2021...
  11. C

    Unattended install on FreeBSD13 with zfs/efi

    Hi, I'm trying to upgrade my set of FreeBSD12 machines to FreeBSD13. Since I use them for automatically configured jails, the host machines are basically 'reinstall to upgrade' devices on ESX. My existing installerconfig setup doesn't work: it installs but doesn't boot. I did a manual install...
  12. J

    ZFS and space allocation - can`t understand

    Hi everybody! I have a server FreeBSD freebsd 12.2-RELEASE FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE r366954 GENERIC amd64 I have two disks - 10G for the OS and 50G for DB Postgres. I got the server preinstalled and I can`t do much with the hardware. The system was preinstalled there and the admin then added a...
  13. grahamperrin

    pkg(8) --chroot with packages created by poudriere, and /var/log/messages

    The package data in /usr/local/poudriere/data/packages – how best to make this available? A symbolic link, maybe? root@mowa219-gjp4-8570p:~ # date ; uname -v Fri May 7 06:49:39 BST 2021 FreeBSD 14.0-CURRENT #94 main-n246499-097e8701c9f: Thu May 6 07:26:23 BST 2021...
  14. timka

    Solved Upgraded to Freebsd 13.0 and messed up ZFS root partition

    I just upgraded my machine to v13.0 without any major issues. I then decided to upgrade existing ZFS pools. Reading the handbook, I've noticed that for my zroot pool I have to also update the boot code. I'm using EFI based machine, with zroot on ada0. So, I just run gpart bootcode -p...
  15. decuser

    ZFS 4 drives coming - raid-z1, or what

    I’ve got 4 3tb 7200rpm drives coming and the plethora of options for raid have me scratching my head in wonder and confusion. I can use y’all’s help... I want to be able to lose a single drive and be ok. I also want the fastest possible write performance. I’m ok sacrificing read performance...
  16. M

    Solved automount zfs partition from usb drive at boot

    Hello. I recently installed freebsd 13 release on a raspberry pi 4 (copying the image on a sd card using dd). I want to use a usb drive to hold some data, such as music, and I would like it to be mounted on boot because some service requires it. Ever command was executed as root. I first...
  17. F

    Solved Getting image file from ZFS disk

    I want to full back up my FreeBSD 12.2 system. I want a image file that be able to setup other computers. How?
  18. Jesse Barton

    ZFS Fssh_packet_write_wait: Connection to X.X.X.X port 22: Broken pipe

    I am trying to do a zfs send to a remote zfs(FreeBSD) storage system as a offsite backup from another zfs(FreeBSD) storage system. I am able to send snapshots that are very small in size but if the snapshots get any larger the receive stops after X number of MB's, it fluctuates. Here is the...
  19. jbodenmann

    Solved Cannot boot if new disks are present

    I have freshly installed a system with the following parameters: FreeBSD 13 RC5 2x 256 GB SATA SSD (ZFS mirror, zroot) 8x 512 GB SATA SSD (ZFS raidz-3, storage) The two 256 GB drives are used for the base system, the eight 512 GB drives are used for storage. The problem I am encountering: The...
  20. E

    ZFS UFS or ZFS for a FreeBSD workstation

    Hi all, After 13.0 is released and the dust settles down, I'm going to move my workstation (mostly used for neuroscientific computations with R, Julia and Python) from Debian to FreeBSD (this will be my very first time with the system). I have several questions regarding the process, but first...