1. vermaden

    Oldschool Gaming on FreeBSD

    When was the last time you played a computer game? I really like one of Benjamin Franklin quotes – “We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” – he lived in times where computer games did not existed yet but the quote remains current. I do not play games a...
  2. christhegeek

    I can't run windows applications with wine(64bit)

    I can't run windows applications with wine(64bit) I've got the error message "not supported on this system" I can run 32bit applications when i install i386-wine
  3. D

    mingw-w64 from Linuxulated Debian Buster, building Wine/PE

    Background The MinGW project is a GCC port building Windows EXEs and DLLs, in their native PE binary format. The original mingw32 only supports Win32, and available in our ports as the dated mingw32-gcc package limited to GCC version 4.8.1. A fork called mingw-w64, additionally supporting Win64...
  4. Dogers

    Ports - i386-wine does not seems to really build

    Greetings to everyone. I am running FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE-p8 on AMD64 Arch and UFS2 filesystem. And I wanted to use wine, but it seemed slower than before, maybe ten minutes to make a window appears as if something was wrong. So I uninstalled wine and tried to build it from...
  5. H

    Solved WINE - KVA_PAGES=512 in your kernel configuration. This is incompatible with WINE.

    Hello, I meet a problem when I want to install some emulators. I tried to install Wine on FreeBSD 12 but I get this message. "Some ZFS tuning guides recommend setting KVA_PAGES=512 in your kernel configuration. This is incompatible with Wine. The maximum possible is KVA_PAGES=500, which...
  6. M

    Updated Wine port works

    1. Install gcc 2. Install port 3. Have fun!
  7. B

    How to convert .exe for be usable in FreeBSD

    So, i have a program .exe (from windows) that i can't use because of the error of wine. I have two questions: 1) How to solve this error root@hostfreebsd:~/Downloads # wine fluidsim-5-2b.exe fixme:gdiplus:GdipGetLineSpacing ignoring style fixme:wincodecs:JpegDecoder_Frame_CopyPalette...
  8. RedPhoenix

    I got Video Acceleration!!..... :D I think..... :)

    So after running Xorg -configure, and using the SCFB Driver, Wine doesn't report any issues with the Display..... :D Now, when I run Wine64, or Wine, either gives me the error that err:winedevice:ServiceMain Failed to load L"win32k.sys" Any advice.....? :3 Also, is there any way I can...
  9. Y

    powerd causing problems with ryzen

    I use FreeBSD 11.0 with an Ryzen R7 1700X Processor since March, the first thing i recognised switching over to Ryzen was significantly improved performance compared to my Phenom X6 1100T. The Power-Consumption has become very low. I struggled a lot of Problems within wine, having very low...
  10. EmeraldBot

    Wine FreeBSD 11 Crashes

    This isn't quite a full bug report, but is wine still supposed to work on FreeBSD 11? I upgraded about ~ 2 weeks ago or so, and ever since then wine hasn't been able to emulate anything at all but the most basic of applications. As in, not just one or two, but almost my entire library fails to...
  11. EmeraldBot

    i386-wine-staging Doesn't Run

    A few days ago, the emulators/i386-wine-staging port was updated, and ever since it won't run any Windows applications at all. All of them go something like this: fixme:winediag:start_process Wine Staging 1.9.9 is a testing version containing experimental patches. fixme:winediag:start_process...
  12. amiramix

    pipelight and playonbsd

    Port emulators/playonbsd depends on emulators/i386-wine-devel and emulators/pipelight depends on emulators/i386-wine-staging. So when I want to install pipelight pkg asks me to uninstall playonbsd. Does it mean playonbsd is incompatible with pipelight? Are two versions of wine really necessary...
  13. amiramix

    CD-ROM access in wine

    I couldn't find any recent post about it. Don't people use CD-ROM under wine or they never have problems? I am trying to rip CD audio with dBpoweramp CD Ripper. This is my configuration so far: g@crayon2:~/.wine/dosdevices % l total 3 lrwxr-xr-x 1 g g 10 4 Mar 21:27 c: -> ../drive_c...
  14. amiramix

    gnutls support for i386-wine

    I am getting this error when trying to install some Windows application with wine: err:secur32:SECUR32_initSchannelSP TLS library not found, SSL connections will fail According to the thread on WineHQ forum this may be because gnutls is either not installed or not used by wine. I installed...
  15. C

    Printing from wine application

    I am trying to print from a wine application on a FreeBSD machine, when i try to print i get fixme:winspool:WINSPOOL_EnumPrintersW We don't handle PRINTER_ENUM_CONNECTIONS i guess this is a wine issue so i tried to read the winehq and there i found " 4.3.4. Printers Wine can interact...
  16. UncleBAZINGA

    Wine logs me out of X after quitting a game

    I have installed the concurrent version of emulators/i386-wine and so far Wine itself runs fine. I want to play the original Fallout via Wine and downloaded the current version from Installation went fine, but at the end of the installation it throws some strange error codes, but...
  17. V

    Why there is not Wine like software for Windows drivers?

    Why there is no Wine like software for Windows drivers? So we can use Windows drivers for other operating systems too. What are the reasons that such software does not exist?