1. D

    [Poudriere] : out of memory

    Hi all, I'm trying to build i386:wine-devel 9.3. Nevertheless, poudriere bulk -j wine-build emulators/wine-devel runs out of memory (linkage process indeed) when build gcc-13 and llvm-15. My hardware : 9 Go RAM + 12 Go swap. Anyone has an idea to workaround this ? Note: Building...
  2. G

    general/other How can I make the Segregrevert.patch, work for FreeBSD's Wine.

    This is a patch in wine to make the game "Roblox" compatible with its anti cheat. It works well on Linux, though I suspect the patch was designed for Linux primarily, and I wish to port this patch to the BSD side of wine. If anyone can help me, it would be appreciated. I will provide the main...
  3. I

    Not the greatest performance with Unreal Tournament 3 under Wine (proton)

    Unreal Tournament 3 works under Wine Proton 8.0 with FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE-p4/5. My main issue is that there are many times where the frame rate will drop to 20 or under when it shouldn't considering my hardware. I have a Ryzen 5 3400G paired with an Nvidia GTX 1050. My launcher is as follows:
  4. T

    wine - packages are currently out of sync

    The wine packages (amd64 and i386) seems to currently be out of sync: tingo@kg-core2:~ $ wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Kobo/Kobo.exe wine [wine-7.0.2] and wine64 [wine-8.0.2] versions do not match! Try updating 32-bit wine with /usr/local/share/wine/ upgrade and...
  5. K

    Solved mmap full access to the first megabyte for DOS mode

    Hello, Is it possible to grant full access to the first megabyte of memory for DOS mode? I'm looking for the FreeBSD equivalent of what is # sysctl -w vm.mmap_min_addr="0" in Linux. For context, I'm trying to run an old Windows program in Wine. It gives me the following error message...
  6. T

    Solved Steam on FreeBSD

    Trying to get Steam running on FreeBSD 14-Current I have tried linuxulator to no success loads to a black screen as well as wine. wine-devel doesn't work for me at all and complains about CPU Architecture is unkown which is strange cause the regular wine package which is much older doesn't...
  7. U

    wine [wine-7.0] and wine64 [wine-6.3] versions do not match!

    Hi FreeBSD community, I encountered some problem after an update. There is conflict among wine versions. How to repair it? before update it was working.
  8. U

    Can i change wine version used by Suyimazu for Steam?

    I need this information.
  9. U

    general/other I need to ping with wine cmd

    My question is simple and that is the error. 0114:err:winediag:IcmpCreateFile Failed to use ICMP (network ping), this requires special permissions.
  10. kavex

    Suyimazu/wine-proton always crashes at launch of program

    Hello everyone! I am trying to get steam running by using Suyimazu. Steam on Linuxulator is running, but its wine-proton does not seem to work too well, so I wanted to focus on the wine-proton part for now, which is why I choose this path. Steam installs fine, but if I try to run it using...
  11. D

    Using Pulseaudio with Wine

    I was wondering, can Pulseaudio be used with emulators/wine-devel? Ive had issues missing sound using OSS due to it not having support for a specific audio library, and Ive heard that Pulseaudio can handle it. I could not get ALSA, which also supports it, to work correctly. So the next best...
  12. D

    Solved WINE on FreeBSD 13 - Am I Just Wasting My Time?

    I've been trying to get wine installed and working on FreeBSD v.13 amd64 Desktop is MATE, in case that matters. ( for what its worth, I did seem to be getter results with KDE Plasma desktop. ) Followed the owners manual: as root- pkg install wine-gecko pkg install wine-mono pkg install wine...
  13. J

    Factorio on FreeBSD

    Just wondering... did any of you manage to get Factorio running on FreeBSD? I'm talking about the actual game, not the headless server.
  14. Keltir

    Wine version updating and freezing

    Hey there! Suddenly I realized that 9 of of 10 games [except Dragons age origin :-( ] that I usually play work great on FreeBSD with wine-6. Now I want to leave this very version of wine forever! As far as I know, pkg lock wine should be enough here, right? And another question is more about...
  15. christhegeek

    FreeBSD Gaming videos

    FreeBSD Gaming videos View: View: View: View: View:
  16. ayleid96

    Solved Wine sometimes cannot allocate memory.

    I have a spare hard drive with 32bit FreeBSD installation dedicated only for playing some games. Interesting thing is that when i try to set game at high resolution and other graphics stuff i get this very early: And the game crashes. That will be the only output after/before crashing. I was...
  17. Keltir

    World of Warcraft on FreeBSD

    Hello! I have an ultimate goal to launch WoW Classic on FreeBSD, or get confirmation that it's impossible. What I have so far: 1. To Install/update WoW client we should use Battlenet client, which is 32bits app. To launch it I installed i386-wine and it was running pretty smoothly. 2. WoW...
  18. Keltir

    Failed to compile Wine on FreeBSD 13 RELEASE

    Hello! I have the latest FreeBSD 13 RELEASE. I'd like to play World of Warcraft on my FreeBSD machine, so I tried to compile wine from ports(needed to switch vk and dxvk support on). Unfortunately, I got an error, which I can't understand and thus can't solve it. output -...
  19. christhegeek

    Solved Proton on Steam using wine-proton seems to be extremely slow ...

    Proton on Steam using wine-proton seems to be extremely slow ... is there anything i can do ? Solved ....
  20. vermaden

    Oldschool Gaming on FreeBSD

    When was the last time you played a computer game? I really like one of Benjamin Franklin quotes – “We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” – he lived in times where computer games did not existed yet but the quote remains current. I do not play games a...