1. sobrito

    general/other How to emulate FreeBSD on Linux or Windows via Docker?

    Thinking of the environment of continuous integration and continuous delivery and services that already run scripts to automatically deploy, such as Travis, CircleCI and GitHub Workflows for example, it allows you to use a docker image made from a container, to perform actions on the container ...
  2. S

    How To Install Windows Server 2019 on Bhyve

    A few weeks ago, I was new to bhyve and had pretty hard time to install Windows Server 2019 on FreeBSD 12.1R + bhyve. However, I could manage to install it and would like to share the how-to because there's little information available on it. Any suggestions on modification, additional...
  3. vigole

    Solved W++SF

    Hypothetically speaking, what do you think of WSF i.e. Windows Subsystem for FreeBSD? Any justification or possibility? Something similar to WSL 2, with full kernel, man -S 2 compatibility and BSD toolchain (not GPL licensed) especially Clang. P.S. There are two types of questions: questions and...
  4. J

    bhyve Windows VM much slower after upgrading to freebsd 12.1

    Hoping to improve bhyve Windows Server disk IO performance I upgraded 11.1-Stable to 12.1-Release by building from source. But after that CrystalDiskMark benchmarks are less than half of the previous. For example, 765 vs 279 MB/s in Q32T1. 12.1 is supposed to include the latest the bhyve update...
  5. Y

    If I install FreeBSD is there a way back to Windows?

    I'm planning to install FreeBSD on my windows laptop. Is there a way to go back to windows? Thanks

    Solved bhyve - CPU usage for Windows VM

    Hello, I have a question. What is the reason of the CPU usage around 100% (max set 2 cores = 200%) of the bhyve process? If I open the Windows remote RDP console, the CPU usage decreases to 5-10% but when I close RDP, it goes back to 100%. FreeBSD 12.0-RELESASE-p7
  7. W

    GPU Passthrough for Windows 10 Pro

    Hello All, I'm getting mixed answers from mixed sources, so I came to this forum in the hope I can get an accurate answer from someone who knows for a fact. I don't need assistance on how to get it done(if at all possible). I just have two questions: 1. Does FreeBSD support running a Windows...
  8. PacketMan

    The Untold Story of NotPetya, the Most Devastating Cyberattack in History

    The now told story of: The Untold Story of NotPetya, the Most Devastating Cyberattack in History Anyone involved in any form of ICT (Information Communications Technology) should read this article a few times, and think through all the nuggets of gold in this article. Freaken nightmare to say...
  9. ldgc

    How to obtain hardware information for FreeBSD from Windows?

    Hello :) I hope that I am posting in the right section. My father has a desktop machine with Windows 10 installed and I intend to replace Windows 10 with FreeBSD 11.1-Release. The problem is that I don´t know where should I search in Windows in order to have hardware information to determine...
  10. P

    How to install remote desktop functionality for VirtualBox guests (Windows) on a FreeBSD host?

    Guys, I posted a thread to figure out my issue. i don't think I was very clear in that post so I wanted to reformulate my question. All...
  11. Rastko

    Solved Internet problems (VBox guest) on wireless bridged

    Hi, [Edit] Long story short: My internet adapter fails to get a DHCP lease. I have a VirtualBox FreeBSD guest running on a Windows host on a laptop. Because I will be on the go, I want to have a) a direct connection to the internet from the guest with dynamic IP addresses and b) a host-only...
  12. Maelstorm

    PE Executable Debugger/Disassembler (i386/amd64)?

    I am looking for a debugger or disassembler for Windows PE format executables, something similar to objdump. I'm taking a class in computer forensics and the research project that my team is working on is reverse engineering malware. We have the malware (it's not hard to find). For obvious...
  13. Andrew Pennebaker

    Hyper V: No UEFI-compatible file system was found

    I'm trying to setup FreeBSD using Windows Hyper V, but the .vhd published for FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE strangely is not able to be booted by Hyper V. Screenshots: Upon creation from the .vhd, Hyper V displays the VM as...
  14. V

    Blue Screen Of Death when insert FreeBSD usb stick

    Sorry if I double the thread, but I didn't find answer. If I write a usb stick img in the Windows (tried XP and 7) then after direct write finished I have BSOD and rebooting. The same if I just insert FreeBSD installation usb to the Windows machine. So if Windows try to mount FreeBSD...
  15. pming

    FYI: Veeam Endpoint Backup Service failed to start (Solution)

    Hello everyone Over the course of the last week I tried to install Veeam Endpoint Backup (or rather Veeam Agent for Windows) on a Windows Server 2016 bhyve VM. I let vm-bhyve auto-create a disk for the VM. After installing Windows and installing Veeam Agent for Windows, the SQL Service and the...
  16. SeaKnight

    Non bootable hard drive partitions

    Hello. I have recently setup FreeBSD on virtual box for the first time and am now trying to install it to my laptop; I want to dual boot it with Windows 10. So, I boot into FreeBSD and go to select the empty partition I made for it only to see this: I have had nothing but issues since EUFI...
  17. pming

    Solved Trouble installing Windows Server 2012 R2 as bhyve VM

    Hello everyone I am trying to install Windows Server 2012 R2 (German Eval Version) as a virtual machine with bhyve. File name of the original iso is: Windows-Server-2012-R2-Eval-DE.ISO I followed the instructions at The VM boots but...
  18. aragats

    bhyve: migrate Windows 7 from physical to virtual?

    Does anybody have experience with this? If I have a physical disk with Windows 7 installed, can I just use its device node for bhyve? I understand that I'll need to install virtio-net drivers in Windows. What else? The generic VGA adapter doesn't need a driver. Windows may not like the hardware...
  19. D

    NFS Mount Problem

    Hello, I have a problem, with my NFS mounting... I have 3 servers, 2 FreeBSD and 1 windows, Storage server running FreeBSD 10.1-Stable and NFS Windows running Windows Fileshare and DFS and worker FreeBSD running 10.3-RELEASE I can NFS/DFS mount my storage server on the Windows server, but I...
  20. BeOurGuest

    3 way boot (Linux Windows FreeBSD)

    I'm new to FreeBSD and beyond just using it in a virtual machine, I've yet to actually install it onto working hardware (my next step). I'm a bit curious (or confused) by some of the documentation I've been reading concerning multiple partitions. My setup is as follows. sda0 8.0gb - swap...