1. zoujiaqing

    Wayland + Plasma 5.16.1 error: no libinput :(

    My shell wayland.sh: mkdir /tmp/1000 export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/tmp/1000 export $(dbus-launch) kwin_wayland --drm --libinput --xwayland startkde Error: ./wayland.sh QObject::connect(KWin::LibInput::Connection, QObject): invalid null parameter QObject::connect(KWin::LibInput::Connection...
  2. L

    Other Installing Sway on FreeBSD 12

    Hi, Total noob here. I installed FreeBSD yesterday and would like to install Sway - the Wayland-based compositor and window manager. I have installed the X Window System and can run i3 without any apparent issues but, if possible, I would like to run my graphical environment on top of Wayland...
  3. NapoleonWils0n

    Other Sway wayland tiling window manager now in the main repo

    Sway is a wayland tiling window manager that is intend as replacement for i3wm The i3wm tiling window manager is as the French would say "les couettes des chiens" Sway requires Wayland, running pkg search wayland returns these results kf5-kwayland-5.56.0 KF5 Client and Server...
  4. jdb

    Solved swaywm on FreeBSD

    Hey guys :) Has anyone installed x11-wm/sway successfully on FreeBSD? How can I install it? And are there any instructions on how to install it? Thanks in advance :D
  5. Spartrekus

    All web browsers with Wayland library requirement are not working.

    Hello, On FreeBSD 13.0 with FreeBSD generic 13.0-CURRENT FreeBSD 13.0-CURRENT r342707 GENERIC arm64, there is currently the following results. It may be related. - midori (wayland,..): crashes - netsurf (gtk3, wayland,...): crashes - chrome (wayland,...): crashes - Dillo: no wayland: working...
  6. Spartrekus

    How to install Xorg without Wayland in FreeBSD?

    Hello, I would like to avoid as much as possible wayland for the graphical (Xorg) installation. Which possibilities might be given to exclude wayland during pkg install Xorg? Thank you so much in advance!! -- EDIT: wayland 1.16 FreeBSD 13. release
  7. jronald

    FreeBSD12R, kde5 with wayland, any way?

    pkg install kde5 The command is executed successfully, downloaded about 5GB, including something about wayland. What to do next?
  8. obsigna

    Is Wayland becoming ready for prime time on FreeBSD?

    I saw some recent activities in regards to Wayland in the ports. For example graphics/poppler, graphics/cairo and graphics/mesa-libs depend on Wayland since a week or so. Does this mean, that we can easily replace X11 by Wayland on FreeBSD already? Searching for "Wayland + FreeBSD“ gave nothing...
  9. jronald

    Solved KDE Plasma & Wayland

    pkg install xorg pkg install kde5 # some configure, # kde works In /usr/local/lib there are some wayland related files (libwayland-client.*, libwayland-cursor.*, libwayland-server.*), but if modify xorg configuration, it takes effect, so KDE is using xorg, question is who uses wayland? And is...
  10. zoujiaqing

    How to use plasma 5 on wayland?

    How to install plasma 5 on wayland? black screen when changed plasma 5 on wayland ... My DM is sddm on FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT 20180828.
  11. poorandunlucky


    ... are we there yet?
  12. G

    The ports now have Wayland

    Thanks for all working on this! Next thing to do is testing x11-servers/wayland https://wayland.freedesktop.org/
  13. T

    Wayland or MIR!

    Hello people! FreeBSD for when to implement Wayland or MIR in replacement of the obsolete Xorg?
  14. J

    X, OpenGL and wayland

    It sounds that wayland is a better choice. Several days ago I found EGL and GLES were put in ports. So I write some small c++ code and I find EGL can be integrated into Xlib and pass GLX to make OpenGL Context, and GLES is not OK. Maybe wayland is better, but I don't want to wait several years...
  15. Anthie

    Wayland Begins Porting Process To FreeBSD?

    http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTMwMzE Wayland Begins Porting Process To FreeBSD Posted by Michael Larabel on February 16, 2013 While upstream Wayland developers are just concerning themselves with Linux support and are exclusively focusing their development efforts on...
  16. R

    Wayland moves to MIT licence

  17. F

    Where do we stand with Wayland.

    I am under the assumption that Wayland is linked to the kernel (Linux). Where would we stand in a Linux central UNIX world? KDE is being ported to Wayland and I assume more and more "Desktop Environments" will be. Will this leave *BSD users without a desktop enviroment or is there plans on...