Freebsd 14 Wayland and Wayfire using Nvidia on Dell XPS 15

Freebsd 14 Wayland running the Wayfire compositor on a Dell XPS 15 2019 using a Nvidia graphics card

All the hardware works but you need to use wifibox for the wifi drivers,
and nvidia on freebsd doesnt yet support nvenc and cuda

the packages needed are nvidia-driver nvidia-settings nvidia-drm-515-kmod libva-intel-driver libva-utils

and the kld_list looks like this
kld_list="i915kms nvidia-modeset nvidia-drm linux linux64"

In this video i also cover tofi a wayland dmenu rofi clone

Setting up mpv to open videos on the second display using fs-screen-name,
mixertui a tui terminal application like alsamixer to set your audio levels, and other tips and tricks

freebsd wayland guide

freebsd wayland nvida packages and kl_list

freebsd root dotfiles xps

freebsd dotfiles xps

freebsd bin
What are the hardware requirements for wayland? I heard something like Vulkan support is required.

I have a Lenovo T430s - it has the Intel Graphics 3000 or whatever it is i915 graphics card. I want to run BSD on this with a wayland head/front end. Either that for another machine with an AMD Radeon HD 6800.

At the moment it is running Ubuntu with Gnome and reportedly using wayland for this, so I'm guessing the hardware is capable? I believe it's using gdm as a login manager, which I think (from dubious sources I've read) still uses Xorg. Last time I tried to run wayland X-free there wasn't a login manager that didn't depend on Xorg - that true?
What are the hardware requirements for wayland? …


DRM, so <> ▶ <> (or graphics/nvidia-drm-510-kmod, if there's an issue with 515) ▶ x11/nvidia-driver.

The FreeBSD Handbook is outdated. Instead, for 535.146.02_2, see the list of supported products at:



… I heard something like Vulkan support is required. …

Theoretically: it's possible to use Vulkan without DRM.

In reality: it's not practical. <> (quoted with permission from ashafer):

Also technically/theoretically no you do not need DRM for wayland: the core wayland protocol has nothing that depends on DRM and it's possible to use vulkan direct to display to draw to a monitor (I have a toy compositor that used to do that). But practically speaking you absolutely need it. The GPU accelerated protocols use DRM/dmabuf, and pretty much all modern compositors use DRM as part of their rendering stack so without DRM they refuse to run.