1. M

    CWM Any CWM users here? Which status bar do you use & best way to show VPN info?

    I'm tempted to give vermaden's FreeBSD Desktop Series a try, but with x11-wm/cwm instead of x11-wm/openbox as windows manager. I thought about the necessity of a status bar, but I can't really imagine having none and if only for date/time and network info. Having done some reading sticking to...
  2. M

    Solved Can't access forums.freebsd.org over VPN

    I am using Surfshark as my VPN provider and strangely I can not access for FreeBSD Forums when the VPN is active: Error message in (ungoogled-)Chromium: ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED Error message in Firefox: PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR Error message in Bromite (Android): ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED...
  3. M

    Managing networks on a laptop

    I'm currently on Arch Linux and I'm interested in trying with FreeBSD with KDE Plasma (and likely bspwm as an alternative session) on my laptop again after quite some time, and I'm wondering what the way to go there is for managing networks, so easily connecting to and switching between public...
  4. G

    Solved Decentralized VPN? Is it possible? Can it be done with OpenVPN?

    Hello, I have many servers on many different locations. They are communicating between each other via Internet. However there's only one site that has OpenVPN server, the rest are clients. If this site is down then all of the clients lose connection between each other and the entire solution...
  5. V

    Check Point VPN Client and FreeBSD

    For over a year now I have been using FreeBSD on my work laptop. Up until now I have been using vpnc client to connect to a Cisco VPN solution, but on Monday the company for which I work will switch to a Check Point VPN solution and I have until then to find a way to connect to Check Point VPN...
  6. Sparkee

    openvpn clients stopped working

    I have an OpenVPN server running on FreeBSD 11.2, it was working fine for a few years, recently I can connect to the server but I can't reach anything. I can't even ping my gateway IP I set up another OpenVPN server on FreeBSD 12.0, same problem. I can connect without any issues but nothing is...
  7. patpro

    Config problem with SoftEther VPN

    Hello, I'm trying to setup SoftEther VPN server on a FreeBSD internet gateway (between my home LAN and the Internet). My problem is exactly the same as in the thread "PC-to-LAN connection ok, but…" of softether users forum (https://www.vpnusers.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=4542) but I'm running...
  8. laundryboy

    Automating Transmission(Torrent) to use VPN while everything else uses standard connection.

    I've wanted to write up a tutorial on how to script the set up for getting Transmission to use a VPN connection, including inbound connections but havent had much time until now. I've read many articles using jails(I dont use jails), other distros and all of that helped me get it working on my...
  9. W

    I want a Network Manager, VPN Client in Freebsd.

    Hello, I have a FreeBSD 12 PC with Gnome Desktop. Currently i am connected using LAN. I am decide to connect to a VPN. (Kerio, Cisco Connect, L2PP, PP2P) $ ifconfig re0: flags=8843<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 1500...
  10. saeedpersa


    Dear Friends I installed ShadowSocks VPN with Port: 59080 and Configured IPFW and ByPass this port Here is my IPFW Configure: IPF="ipfw -q add" ipfw -q -f flush TRUST="x.109.x.143" #loopback $IPF 10 allow all from any to any via lo0 $IPF 20 deny all from any to $IPF 30 deny all...
  11. B

    Solved FreeBSD to FreeBSD (11.2) IPSec / Road Warrior Setup

    Hello, I'd like to setup two FreeBSD decvies (laptop and server) to communicate securely and route the entire traffic from the laptop over the secured tunnel through the server. The setup should look like this: Laptop ----------- (Internet) ------- Server (Dynamic IP)...
  12. nerozero

    VPN between two networks

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to build my first VPN tunnel between 2 gateways, both running FreeBSD 11.1. my question, is this manual still consistent? Making a tunnel - its easy,but when I try to apply encryption as it shown in handbook - tunnel stops working ... according to that manual...
  13. S

    IPSec VPN LAN-LAN (Site-Site) for site with dynamic gray IP behind NAT

    Hi There is a case: - HQ with fixed white IP - Site with dynamic gray IP behind NAT (!!!) Need to setup IPSec VNP LAN-LAN to connect site to HQ. I've tried Racoon and succeded with establishing IPSec connection, but LAN-LAN connection wasn't established. The same with StrongSwan - I can see...
  14. R

    L2TP/IPsec VPN server passing thru to LAN but not WAN

    I followed the L2TP/IPsec guide at 26755. The VPN works fine, I can connect to it using the preshared key and the username/password combo I set up. However, there is a problem: I can use the VPN to access my LAN but not the WAN. For reference, my LAN's configuration reserves addresses...
  15. aragats

    Solved Simple VPN: need an advice

    What would be the easiest way to provide access to the "End devices" on the picture? I need accessing just a few TCP/IP ports. I can use SSH port forwarding, maybe using security/autossh to make it persistent (in pfSense?). Would it be reliable? A fully functional VPN maybe an overkill for this...
  16. geek

    Ban non-VPN or all networking

    Hello. Is there a way to force some applications to only use a VPN interface for networking, or ban all networking from them completely? Could this be done with jails? I want to use VPN "anonymously" so that my real IP, DNS requests and other such stuff are not leaked.
  17. K

    Solved When to use Openswan?

    Hello! I am trying to look into the whole VPN/IPSec topic. I read the FreeBSD handbook but I am not sure about the different packages. As far as I understand FreeBSD provides IPSec support already. So what's the purpose of a package like OpenSwan. Is OpenSwan a replacement of the "native"...
  18. M

    How to properly forward all traffic through VPN in 11? (port forwarding)

    I have FreeBSD 11 on a server where I've installed OpenVPN and I need to setup VPN properly to be able to put internet traffic through it. I can't connect to the internet anymore from my local computer after I've established a connection with my server via VPN. I guess the issue is port...
  19. korund

    Routing between jails and physical interfaces

    I'm trying to get the following scheme up and running: What would be a good read to start except of jail man page?
  20. U

    How to cicrumvent company proxy server?

    Hello to you all, I'm currently working for an international organization in South Asia, where I'm based in a quite remote location. As there is no local internet provider, I have a VSAT in my office (house), which directs all internet traffic to the company's proxy server at HQ in Switzerland...