CWM Any CWM users here? Which status bar do you use & best way to show VPN info?


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I'm tempted to give vermaden's FreeBSD Desktop Series a try, but with x11-wm/cwm instead of x11-wm/openbox as windows manager.

I thought about the necessity of a status bar, but I can't really imagine having none and if only for date/time and network info. Having done some reading sticking to x11/dzen2 or vetelko/termbar may be the way to go.

Any idea what the easiest solution is to show VPN info in the status bar (using OpenVPN to connect to a VPN provider; name of used VPN node -> could be determined from the name of the used OpenVPN config file, IP address / gateway or just VPN on/off could be plausible things to be displayed)? I want to go for vermaden's script based approach for network management enhanced with added VPN management.

Thoughts about the use of x11-wm/cwm in general and the fact that the port uses the portable version of Leah Neukirchen which is based on version 6.3 dated with May 2018?


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You can also try polybar for the 'bar' app.

... and please share your VPN mods to the once you finish them, it will be valuable addition to already quite feature rich script. Thanks in advance.

I replied to you comment here (sorry for late response):



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I use x11-wm/cwm on and off but never a bar. Not sure why, just never used one. I like x11-wm/cwm except for the window kill and logout keyboard shortcuts. It is definitely impossible to accidentally log out or kill a window though...I bounce back and forth between x11-wm/fluxbox and x11-wm/cwm but mainly use x11-wm/fluxbox for the bar and easy keyboard shortcuts I have customized.


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x11/tint2 has an executor feature. It essentially provides a taskbar icon that will execute a script. The web is full of various vpn scripts.
x11/yad makes for an easy way to graphically implement scripts. yad --notification will put the icon into a freedesktop compliant system tray.

The BunsenLabs and Puppy forum have alot of yad scripts that can be used as a foundation.