L2TP/IPsec VPN server passing thru to LAN but not WAN

I followed the L2TP/IPsec guide at Thread 26755. The VPN works fine, I can connect to it using the preshared key and the username/password combo I set up. However, there is a problem: I can use the VPN to access my LAN but not the WAN. For reference, my LAN's configuration reserves addresses for DHCP, with as the gateway. My FreeBSD server is at, with addresses reserved for VPN peers (I really don't need 62 addresses, but my router's default configuration worked with it. ;)). is set as my server's default gateway, and I can access the internet from there, but not the VPN with the gateway set to my server. Why is this happening and how can I fix this?
Maybe you should forward internet traffic ( on your client using VPN gateway? (modify routing table)
Your LAN and your VPN network share the same subnet, so you can't route traffic between them. Put the VPN peers on its own subnet.