How to connect to the Internet via 3g modem in the FreeBSD terminal ?

I installed FreeBSD, but it does not have a default GUI ! I have to install it myself ! I watched a lot of videos about installing the GUI in FreeBSD, and there all the video authors install it by connecting to the Internet via wifi-router, but to connect to the Internet I have only a 3g modem huawei ! The problem is that I can not connect to the Internet via a 3g modem on the FreeBSD terminal ! I was looking for a solution in google but I did not find a solution ! Maybe someone knows how to do it ! Help me please !
Ken Thompson is your keyboard broken?
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You need to search "ppp" AND "3g modem".
See ppp(8) and examples in /usr/share/examples/ppp.

FreeBSD is primarily console territory. If you are new to FreeBSD get used to CLI you will need it.
Here is my setup:

 set log Phase Chat LCP IPCP CCP tun command
 ident user-ppp VERSION
 set device /dev/cuaU0.2
 set timeout 180
 set speed 921600
 set dial "ABORT BUSY TIMEOUT 3 \
        \"\" \
        AT OK-AT-OK \
        AT+CFUN=1 OK-AT-OK \
        AT+CMEE=2 OK-AT-OK \
        AT+CSQ OK \
        AT+CGDCONT=1,\\\"IP\\\",\\\"\\\" OK \
        ATD*99# CONNECT"

 set timeout 180
 enable dns
 resolv writable
 set ifaddr
 add default HISADDR

ppp -ddial default
Manual connection.

With this I can bring up T-Mobile on Sierra MC7354/MC7355. On Sierra MC7700 I have to change the port to cuaU0.3.

I have it commented out in rc.conf depending on where I am working(automatic connection or manual).
I use net-mgmt/networkmgr for my local wifi and ppp when away on my Laptop.


It would be nice to have Gnome-ppp ported over to FreeBSD.
Linux has abandoned it for networkmanager so it will be gone before long.

Integegrating PPP or MPD5 into networkmgr would be ideal.