1. B

    Which approach to SSD?

    I found two articles about installing FreeBSD on SSD drives: 1. FreeBSD and Solid State Devices 2. Using a Solid State Drive with FreeBSD The first one is extremely worried about the SSD lifetime, the second one is not. Which guide do you suggest for installing FreeBSD on a 2021 laptop with a...
  2. gpw928

    ZFS Informative SSD Benchmark

    Vermaden's Valuable News – 2022/09/19 has a link to a great article on Exploring the Best ZFS ZIL SLOG SSD with Intel Optane and NAND. It looks at the relative performances of various types of (mostly enterprise class) SSDs, with mixes of SATA, NVMe (U2, M2, and PCIe), and Optane devices. They...
  3. iyoti

    ZFS How should I configure a spare SSD alongside a raidz2 pool for downloads?

    I've noticed that having torrented files (OS images, etc) download directly to the storage zpool can really slow down reads from the pool. Pausing the download software during sustained read events temporarily resolves the issue, but isn't really something I can do regularly. I have a spare SSD...
  4. gpw928

    Other Backblaze Drive Stats for SSD Boot Disks

    Backblaze 2022 Drive Stats Mid-year Review, SSD Edition, suggests that SSDs are more reliable as boot disks than traditional disks.
  5. E

    certain SATA drives not 'seen'

    Hi, I recently bought some new SATA drives and they are not seen by the system. They are KingBank SSD drives. I see them found by the kernel loader, but they are not seen as ada drives for example. I have an Intel drive that works just fine though. The motherboard is a S2882d Tyan and the SATA...
  6. gpw928

    Other Vale Optane

    I knew that Intel had sold off its SSD business to SK hynix, but didn't know that the Optane business is being written off with a half billion dollar impairment. Ouch!
  7. gpw928

    ZFS Seagate IronWolf 110 SSD for boot and SLOG

    I need a 240 GB 2.5" SSD suitable for a boot disk. It will be mirror'd with my old 240 GB Intel SSD DC S3520, and have a small partition for a SLOG. Does anyone have experience of the Seagate IronWolf 110 SSD? It looks to me to be on product run-out, at just about half the price of a 2.5"...
  8. freezr

    ZFS SSD Tuning for a Desktop Use

    Dear All, looking for some info to tuning and extend the life of my SSD disks I couldn't find any valuable information. The documentation reports: None of these make sense for me. My knowledge of FreeBSD is still very limited and my knowledge of ZFS is even narrower. On Linux I can...
  9. K

    ZFS Chosing FS and options for Gateway/BRAS on SSD

    Hello collegues! I got a task which I cannot find a solution. There is a server wich will act as BRAS or gateway, so it will just only boot from disk and then will not use it for working purposes. The idea is to use ssd with ZFS and mounted-out logs and other rewritable data with tmpfs. This...
  10. Young

    M.2 SATA randomly detached only on FreeBSD

    Hi folks, This is my last resource, hope that someone can help me. I bought a new Samsung EVO 860 M.2 SATA to my home server. Everything looked good at the first boot on Windows, and tests with CrystalDiskInfo and CrystalDiskMark were all fine. The problems started when I tried to do an FreeBSD...
  11. Lamia

    Solved Recommendation for a Reliable SSD

    Crucial SSDs are not as reported to be good. Two crucial SSDs (BX@150GB & MX@1GB) have failed within the space of two months and they have been purchased and used for 1.5years. They won't show glaring errors. I only saw 2.45MB checksum error in the last failed SSD. I needed to change the drive...
  12. GrandAdmiralThrawn

    Other Question about software RAID-0 with SSDs

    I would like to create a striped RAID-0 made up of four NVMe SSDs. It's for unimportant temporary data, but I need the space and lots of speed would be nice to have as well, so I'd like to use RAID-0 rather than something like JBOD/CONCAT. I would not like to use ZFS, but UFS for a file system...
  13. D

    Solved Compatability of Samsung 790 Pro with FreeBSD

    I'm looking to replace the SSD of my T490s with a larger one. Right now my eyes are on a Samsung 790 Pro M.2 NVMe. How can I figure out if this SSD is supported by FreeBSD or not?
  14. I

    Solved Is there an alternative for CrystalDiskMark?

    I have a Samsung SSD, which freezes Windows with CrystalDiskMark random 4k Q8T8 test. I'd like to run the same test on FreeBSD, but I haven't found any real solution yet. It is possible on Linux with FIO, but it lacks the libaio engine when I install it from ports. In theory it is possible to...
  15. Abraham79

    Manual partitioning for installing on SSD with pre-existing Linux OS. Is this steps correct?

    Hi, I am planning to do a bare-metal installation of FreeBSD 12.1 on a intel 330 SSD which already contain Devuan 3.0 Linux on UEFI-GPT system. I'm planning to install Gnome 3. I tried running the installer and manual mode in bsdinstall seems to me, confusing. It is asking for entire disk or...
  16. C

    (ada0:ata2:0:0:0): WRITE_DMA. ACB... on pkg fetching

    Greetings, I'm a beginner and trying to install FreeBSD for some time now, but I'm having problems with my FreeBSD installation on SSD and with setting disk speed in general. I hope someone has the time to see what's going wrong here, all input is very much appreciated! Everything works fine on...
  17. D

    ZFS zpool on SSD Pros & Cons

    Hello all, Finding myself at a crossroad. Need to transfer my home files to a new zpool with bigger drives but not sure if I should get smaller but more cost-effective HDD and wait for SSD prices to drop in the next 5 years or so, OR should I get bigger and costlier HDD for future-proofing...
  18. Argentum

    Solved Moving /tmp to SSD - please help to solve the problem

    Please help to solve the problem: 1) I have running desktop system with ZFS mirror, SDDM login manager and MATE desktop; 2) I have also some SSD drives connected the the system and now I tried to move /tmp from ZFS to one of the SSD partitions; 3) to do that I created the UFS partition on...
  19. patpro

    Solved 2.5" HDD, what's the best choice?

    Hello, I'm contemplating the idea of a replacement for my currently hosted 1U server. This server holds 4x 3.5" HDD and 1x 2.5" SSD, with this topology: - first zpool ZRAID1 mirror 2x 1To + SSD L2ARC - second zpool ZRAID1 mirror 2x 2To My ideal next server would have 8x 2.5" SATA slots, and 1x...
  20. angelvg

    ZFS Single Disk with ZFS best practices...

    I want to use a disk with ZFS and I want to use the best practices... Both for an SSD and for an HDD The process: Delete the disk # gpart destroy -F da0 # dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/da0 bs=1m count=128 Prepare the disk # gpart create -s GPT da0 # gpart add -t freebsd-zfs -l storage -a 1M da0...