1. F

    Why people uses cron job while kernel modules exist and why not services?

    1)Cron job: So cron job be able to run a process accordance with certain time intervals or whatever the desired shape is. It can be able to run most of file types or all type of languages probably. 2)Kernel module: Kernel module also runs with kernel on the background. Its main target is making...
  2. A

    Solved Service does not exist or is not executable

    I am setting up a gemini protocol server written in go called "molly brown" link to git repository. I have placed its bianary file in /usr/local/sbin/molly-brown I placed its initscript at /etc/rc.d/molly This is its initscript: #!/bin/s#!/bin/s#!/bin/s#!/bin/s#!/bin/s#!/bin/s#!/bin/sh #...
  3. H

    Solved Tor not starting

    Hi, I just recently started using FreeBSD after coming from linux. I'm trying to run my traffic through tor, using the instructions in this post. After installing tor using pkg ins tor I made the following changes: To /etc/rc.conf: tor_enable="YES" To /etc/sysctl.conf: # prevent traffic...
  4. Hornpipe2

    Solved Make `service status` work for non-root

    I have a service running on my server (in this case, audio/icecast) via rc scripts. I want the non-root user to be able to see that Icecast is running. As root, if I type: service icecast status it gives me this response: icecast is running as pid 74983. As non-root, if I try the same...
  5. D

    net-mgmt/netbox: configure as a directory service (not vhost)

    Port net-mgmt/netbox is a nice tool widely used for IPAM and DECIM maintenance, so I tried to use it for maintenance purposes at work. I never got past the setup, since the example shown in FreeBSD's wiki ( only covers a setup as vhost, which...
  6. J

    sysrc name_enable="YES" versus service name enable

    It appears both these commands do exactly the same thing. Which one do you guys prefer to use?
  7. B

    Package name vs service name in rc.conf

    Hi all, Can someone help me understand the reason why package names configured in rc.conf use an underscore while the service name uses a dash/hyphen? Examples: sysrc avahi_daemon_enable=YES sysrc emby_server_enable=YES but service avahi-daemon start service emby-server start I see the...
  8. GregTheHun

    ELK Stack crashes - Specifically with Kibana

    Hello all, Well, I have a problem, it seems that when installing elasticsearch I've had no problems. The on screen commands were pretty easy to do as well as getting the entries in fstab that were required were easy enough to get elastic running. However, when I tried to start Kibana after...
  9. L

    Restarting Services

    OK, I know this is very simple, or at least it should be, so apologies. I am running bind DNS. I made a change to the config file and now want to restart/reload the service. There is a script called 'named' in /usr/local/etc/rc.d. I tried service named restart and service named stop and...
  10. spanglefox

    Solved not found on boot for dnsmasq.

    Hi, Am using dns/dnsmasq as a local service. On boot I see an error message stating that the service can not start because of a missing file, Once the system logins in and service dnsmasq start is used the service begins. Also I get positive results for find /usr/ -name...
  11. justrjlewis

    rc.d daemon not processing command flags

    I started working with a great web server called caddy and started working on an rc.d script to get it running as a service. I put together a script that mostly worked seen here. The bug in this original script was that the service would start on boot/reboot, but it didn’t play well with the...
  12. justrjlewis

    Solved rc.d script for caddy server - not quite working

    I followed the tutorial for practical rc.d scripting to enable caddy web server on my DO FreeBSD 10.2 droplet. It's very simple, which is probably why it's not quite working as expected. So let me start by posting my questions, then I'll show my code. The pre-commit check list says: 2.Does...
  13. J

    Best way to automatically keep system, packages, and daemons up to date

    Hi, I'd like to know if you have a good way of keeping a system completely up to date in a completely automated way. If my understanding is correct, I can add 42 8 * * * freebsd-update cron in root's crontab to have the base system (I guess that means the kernel and the programs in /bin)...