1. freezr

    FreeBSD 14.0 wifi scanner issue

    Hi there, Xsane is not recognizing the WiFi scanner, this is the first time I have issues with the scanner. I tried to reinstall everything, including sane-airscan but nothing is happening. If I use a software called epsonscan2 and I provide the IP of the wifi printer it can find it: But...
  2. D

    SCSI Minolta scanner and Adaptec 2920c card problem

    I have a Minolta Scan Dual SCSI film scanner attached to an Adaptec 2920c PCI card, but I cannot get it working under FreeBSD after days of trying (13.1-RELEASE-p7, generic kernel). I have kept a dual boot option on the computer for obscure programs that will only run under Windows and so, after...
  3. Geezer

    Sane Frontend

    What is a good frontend for sane? I have already tried graphics/xsane. It is reasonable, but not too beautiful. I think it has been designed for a different default font. There is graphics/kooka, which is a kde thingy. I am not sure I want to build a million unnecessary dependencies. Is...
  4. M

    Solved Canon Lide 100 USB scanner wrong image aspect ratio in XSane

    Hi all, I have the device in the subject and run XSane on Freebsd 13 freshly installed. Device detected and initialized, everything good till the scanning (or preview) phase begins: I get an A4 image vertical-doublestretched filling the entire page, and of course it just deliver half image of...
  5. M

    Solved FreeBSD 13, XSane runs only from root

    Goodmorning all, this is my first time here and I'm in my first days with FreeBSD 13 , while I'm already dealing with NomadBSD since some months. Sorry then if I may appear much "knowledgeless" in my help requests, that is what I really am, and if I'm asking here means that have already...
  6. H

    sane-backends port currently does not have a maintainer

    How does people use scanners if sane is neglected? Is there an alternative?
  7. sk8harddiefast

    Xsane don't see LAN scanner

    Ok. I have an Hp officejet 4500 Series which is all in one printer (printer-scanner, fax etc) I have not installed print/hplip. I use print/cups to print over network and works great without any problems. Now I need to use scanner for some scanning process. Never used scanner and It's the first...
  8. C

    Solved [Solved] Trouble with SANE and USB scanner

    Hi people, I have one question regarding sane-"backendname" user permissions. Whenever I need to use my scanner (model HP PSC 1310), I have to start it from the console, because it's asking me to enter the user password. % xsane Password of user on localhost? I added the following related...
  9. R

    Help make a USB scanner work

    Hi all, I try to install a Canon "CanoScan 9000F" USB scanner using a USB-2 port on my box (Intel quadcore) running fine FreeBSD9.2-REL (GENERIC kernel). sane-backends and xsane were compiled from ports ("with libusb"). Both the sane-backends man page and the SANE website confirm that the...
  10. D

    Scanner access with tcp

    I've got scanner problems again. Does anybody have a link to any documentation on using SANE with a non-USB device? The FreeBSD handbook chapter does not seem relevant here. The man page is the most useful, but a little vague to my understanding. And I'm a brick short. The problem I've got is...
  11. gpw928

    Canon LiDE 210 scanner SANE backend problem

    Hi, I have just acquired a Canon LiDE 210 scanner. Sadly it's not working with my stock 8.1-RELEASE system. It's running the GENERIC kernel, so has these in the kernel config: device uhci # UHCI PCI->USB interface device ohci # OHCI PCI->USB...
  12. D

    SANE setup of UMAX 2100u scanner

    I have been trying to set up a UMAX Astra 2100u scanner but not having much luck. So far I have been unable to scan anything. I can detect the device as root, but a user in the wheel group cannot, and Xsane cannot find the device either. The device is listed as being supported by SANE. I...
  13. K

    Sane Scanner Canon (CanoScan) LiDE 60

    Hello, I have recently found on ebay a scanner which is known to work with sane. And luckily it does work :) However, in order for scanimage -L to pick up the scanner, I either need to be in the /usr/local/etc/sane.d/dist directory, or I need to copy the...
  14. X

    sane-backends problem

    in 7.1-beta2, the version 1s 1.0.19_1. after install it. when xsane, device open always failed and access always denied. just version 1.0.18_1 in 7.0 release works. hope freebsd team pay attention to this issue. scanner is very important for office use.