sane-backends problem

in 7.1-beta2, the version 1s 1.0.19_1. after install it. when xsane, device open always failed and access always denied.

just version 1.0.18_1 in 7.0 release works. hope freebsd team pay attention to this issue. scanner is very important for office use.
Sorry for my too few words been posted in 1st messages.
I installed FreeBSD 7.1-release on atom 330 intel 945 motherboard and the usb scanner is Microtek scanmake 3830.
When I use sane-backends-1.0.19_1, which is current in 7.1 release, The error message is:

Failed to open device `sm3830:libusb:/dev/usb0:/dev/ugen0':
Access to resource has been denied.

But if I pkg_add sane-backends-1.0.18.tgz. The scanner will be opened and can be accessed.

Thanks for your reply.
Yes and I find other people have same problem. When RC1, I supposed the problem will be solved when 7.1-release.