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    Solved problem output - raspberry pi - model b

    I have been experiencing a issue with what I think to be system messages taking over the terminal for quit some time. I just noticed though that it only seems to happen when the PI has been on and working for some time. I do not have the messages now and have to reboot to get the Pi working...
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    Current Requirements for Raspberry Pi & Poudriere

    Could someone actively using Poudriere on 11.0-ALPHA3 on amd64 to build ports for their RPI using head on please confirm or deny the following: 1. ports-mgmt/poudriere-devel is required for ongoing success ? 2. Is the following link currently accurate ? https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/52994/
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    Overclocking on RPI

    Hello, I am a new and proud member of the FreeBSD community. I am hosting a small website on my RPI with FreeBSD. One question is, where is the overclocking configuration for RPI? The closest answer I got is from this website...
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    Solved RPi2B: root directory on HDD boots, but with SYSERR printed to console

    Hello, I haven't used FreeBSD since around 2003, but I'm pretty far into reading my way through the handbook! Please excuse the poor formatting and any obvious steps I may have missed. I've installed FreeBSD-CURRENT-20151102 onto a Raspberry Pi 2B with the root FS on an external USB HDD and...
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    Solved Raspberry Pi B+ - no power to USB/Network

    Hardware: Brand new Raspberry Pi B+ Software : FreeBSD-10.1-STABLE-arm-armv6-RPI-B-20150217-r278906.img.bz2 dd'd the uncompressed img file to an 8GB micro sdCARD, inserted into RPB+, applied power - green LED goes out within 1-2 seconds. Nothing appears to be happening. Note 1: The FreeBSD...