Solved RPi2B: root directory on HDD boots, but with SYSERR printed to console


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Hello, I haven't used FreeBSD since around 2003, but I'm pretty far into reading my way through the handbook! Please excuse the poor formatting and any obvious steps I may have missed.

I've installed FreeBSD-CURRENT-20151102 onto a Raspberry Pi 2B with the root FS on an external USB HDD and now I'm getting a few errors printed to console (see bottom) -- besides that, everything seems to work though.

Is there a "right" way to do this? I'd really like to fix whatever is causing that SYSERR.

Here's the steps I took which led up to the problem. Just fyi, everything is over serial console.

1. downloaded and verified FreeBSD*.xz. dd it to SD card. This will be the original SD card, as I'll burn a second SD card soon.

2. boot RPi from original SD card

3. plug USB HDD into the Pi, format it with GPT and create UFS and swap FS's on a partition table that looks like:

da0p1    freebsd-ufs    5G     /
da0p2    swap           2G     swap
da0p3    freebsd-ufs    5G     /var
da0p4    freebsd-ufs    5G     /tmp
da0p5    freebsd-ufs    10G    /usr
da0p6    freebsd-ufs    1.8T   /home

4. label the partitions with tunefs -L

5. shutdown the Pi

6. dd FreeBSD onto a second SD card, plug it into the Pi and boot it up so it can initialize the FS. I shutdown without logging in.

7. plug the original SD card into the Pi, boot it up and login. Then plug the second SD card (from step 6) into a USB adapter and mount it with mount -o ro /dev/da1 /mnt/1

8. Mount USB HDD partitions to /mnt/2/*:

mount /dev/ufs/root /mnt/2 && \
mkdir /mnt/2/{var,tmp,usr,home} && \
mount /dev/ufs/var /mnt/2/var && \
mount /dev/ufs/tmp /mnt/2/tmp && \
mount /dev/ufs/usr /mnt/2/usr && \
mount /dev/ufs/home /mnt/2/home

9. copy files from the second SD card mounted ro at /mnt/1 to their respective partitions mounted in /mnt/2 (a few named pipes won't copy, but let's continue anyway). Then edit /etc/fstab on USB HDD:

cp -R /mnt/1/* /mnt/2 && \
vi /mnt/2/etc/fstab ### Add /dev/ufs/* entries to point to USB HDD partitions

10. umount the second SD card and mount it rw. Copy the loader.conf file from /boot/defaults to /boot. Then edit it to look for root on da0p1:

umount /mnt/1 && \
mount /dev/da1 /mnt/1 && \
cp /mnt/1/boot/defaults/loader.conf /mnt/1/boot/ && \
echo 'vfs.root.mountfrom="ufs:da0p1"' >/mnt/1/boot/loader.conf && \
umount /mnt/1

11. unplug the original SD card. Then plug in the second SD card and boot with the USB HDD plugged in.

12. Boots up fine. mount reports /dev/ufs/{root,home,tmp,usr,var} mounted to /{.,home,tmp,usr,var}. Also, errors similar to the one below are printed to console:

root@rpi2: # Nov 3 06:11:00 rpi2 sendmail[1227]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(operator): can not chdir(/var/spool/clientmqueue/): Permission denied

Any help or direction is appreciated.

Clarified, Typos
Looks like the folders the partitions are mounted on don't have the right permissions because I created them myself. Be right back.

###EDIT 2###
Looks like it was a folder permissions error. I started over from the beginning, but used tar to snatch up everything from the SD card (preserving attributes) and moved the tarball over to HDD and extracted it. Fixed.
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