retro gaming

  1. sidetone

    Game clones and similar games has an extensive list of opensource game clones. These are not all available on FreeBSD ports. Most of the games from are in ports. A few screenshots of clones and similar games running on...
  2. sidetone

    Text gaming on FreeBSD: screenshots, discussion

    Discussion and screenshots about text gaming on FreeBSD. This is for games on the command-line or terminal interface. Many games are ascii and/or curses. Signify if the game uses an interpreter or emulator. Topic includes utilities or ASCII animations that aren't games, but are under the games...
  3. vermaden

    Oldschool Gaming on FreeBSD

    When was the last time you played a computer game? I really like one of Benjamin Franklin quotes – “We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” – he lived in times where computer games did not existed yet but the quote remains current. I do not play games a...
  4. Tomse

    abandon port emulators/fs-uae

    I don't have time to maintain emulators/fs-uae So it's time for me to release it to someone else or abandon it.
  5. SirDice

    Any FS-UAE users around?

    I was having a hard time getting emulators/fs-uae to build on 11.2. But I managed to fix the port in this respect. I then noticed it was quite out of date and started porting the latest version (which is actually a year old now). I also had to update emulators/fs-uae-launcher to match the FS-UAE...
  6. ronaldlees

    Remember Nintendo Atari et al...

    This is way off topic, but in keeping with my fetish for new OS stuff, I managed to find an allegedly open sourced, former Nintendo company research OS project called "ES". Link: Does anyone have additional info on this?
  7. BSD-Kitsune

    HOW TO: Emulate PC-9821 games on FreeBSD 10

    So when migrating to FreeBSD, one of the things I wanted to do that I could not in Linux was run PC-9821 games. The emulator for the UNIX and UNIX-like OSes is a port of Neko Project II called xnp2. Its really easy to get it running, but since its not in ports, I thought I'd do a little guide on...
  8. fluca1978

    [OT] who remembers that old formula one arcade game?

    Ok, this is very not-Unix related, but maybe someone here remembers an old arcade game I was used to play when I was young: there was a car seat and three white Formula One cars made with a light projector on a rolling tape that was simulating the track. I remember the car having two speeds...