process allocation

  1. siguri

    tweak firefox?

    Bonjour, is there a way to tweak firefox in order to make it less slow on my stupid machine 13.1-RELEASE w/ 2GB RAM. Can I make firefox start less prozesses?
  2. sidetone

    limiting and dedicating memory/cpu usage

    To see how much RAM memory your computer has, use dmesg|grep -i memory. For limiting MEM usage of a user, which also limits the programs ran under it /boot/loader.conf kern.racct.enable="1" This must be compiled into the kernel, if it's not already there. For myusername, use your user or any...
  3. D

    Limit CPU usage when building ports?

    Hey guys, since this isnt a closed post, I've decided to post here because I got some questions of the topics discussed here. I am having the same issue as the OP, but I build one package at time, and this by just getting into port and doing a make install clean. When the port is big, sometimes...
  4. Alain De Vos

    What is the difference between "nice" and "scheduling priority" and "realtime priority".

    Can someone explain the difference in some simple wordings or using analogy ? They influence the ULE scheduler but in a different ways. To show them you can use: ps -ax -o nice,pri,rtprio,command
  5. sidetone

    Practical way to prevent runaway process from taking over?

    There's nice, and renice but any instructions I saw applied after a program is identified as being a runaway process. Is there a way to make a program or group be pre-determinately set to have a lower priority nice option? Adding the nice command to the menu item that launches an application...
  6. D

    Memory management FreeBSD kernel

    Virtual memory and address space Consider the traditional distribution of process virtual memory on i386 (drawn from the picture by Matthew Dillon in pseudographics): We are not interested in what is related to the process, but now we are interested in the part that is KERNEL. This part, which...
  7. K

    Understanding memory management

    Hi Everyone, I'd like to learn more about how FreeBSD manages memory, specifically about the types of memory that top shows. I've read a few articles on the topic, also Chapter 7 in the Architecture Handbook. The following is my current understanding on the subject. Please clarify if I got...
  8. elimelech007

    Limit clamav memory usage

    How to Limit Memory Usage clamav-clamd? For example up to 512 megabytes
  9. zirias@

    How to make "impossible" memory allocations fail in a sane way?

    Background: working on some service written in C that's using a BTREE database as provided by dbopen. This seems to use caching in memory extensively, so if you don't want to force a sync() after every change, you should make sure it's properly closed on exit if you don't want to lose data. As...
  10. B

    Freeable memory on FreeBSD 12+ (I know)

    TL;DR: I need to put "free memory %" on a dashboard. It doesn't have to be perfect. There is no swap. I want to validate my understanding. Is INACTIVE + FREE close enough? I know that it's not that simple. Knowing that and explaining it to non-technical people who don't care are different...
  11. ayleid96

    Solved Wine sometimes cannot allocate memory.

    I have a spare hard drive with 32bit FreeBSD installation dedicated only for playing some games. Interesting thing is that when i try to set game at high resolution and other graphics stuff i get this very early: And the game crashes. That will be the only output after/before crashing. I was...
  12. mg16373

    BIND 9.16 (named) :: Possible Memory Leak ?!

    I'm running the following version: BIND 9.16.13 (Stable Release) <id:072e758> running on FreeBSD amd64 12.2-RELEASE-p4 FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE-p4 GENERIC Since this version 9.16.x is running on my server the process memory blows up to 52 GB (TOP: SIZE/RES column) of memory. Some configuration...
  13. D

    Solved Question: RAM "leakage" ?

    Hi all. For a couple of days I am trying to understand something. I observe my RAM is nearly used up - or at least system info tools tell me so. A typical view of top looks like this: last pid: 6667; load averages: 0.32, 1.18, 1.22 up 0+00:37:36...
  14. G

    Visible Memory Shrinking

    I have a system with 8 GB of RAM on an AWS instance. root@backslave-main-pr:/usr/home/m2msadmin # uname -a && dmesg | grep memory FreeBSD backslave-main-pr 12.1-RELEASE-p2 FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE-p2 GENERIC amd64 real memory = 9556721664 (9114 MB) avail memory = 8170881024 (7792 MB) running...
  15. A

    Can malloc(9) return small chunks that cross a page boundary?

    From malloc(9): IMPLEMENTATION NOTES The memory allocator allocates memory in chunks that have size a power of two for requests up to the size of a page of memory. For larger requests, one or more pages is allocated. While it should not be relied upon, this information may...
  16. D

    Resource limits for jails

    I want a jail that can't allocate more than 512MB memory and ist not able to consume more than 25% of the cpu. The FreeBSD builtin jails have no options for resource limiting. Check jail.conf(5) and jail(8). I have found that you can limit resources for specific users according to 13.13...
  17. R

    Process limits and Out-Of-Memory killer - can it be tuned?

    I'm having a problem with a Python script that chokes on a particular input file, and causes excessive memory usage. Allocated size gets up to around 96GB, and with only 32GB of physical RAM, the system quickly grinds to a halt. After several hours (literally: the system stalled for around 23...
  18. Hornpipe2

    Solved /proc/iomem equivalent in FreeBSD

    What I'm looking for is how to display memory range information in FreeBSD. In Linux there is an entry in the /proc filesystem called iomem which displays memory regions, reservation and usage, etc. As you know memory is not just a flat block of RAM, though it is presented that way to...
  19. ProphetOfDoom

    C mprof (Memory Profiler)

    Hullo there FreeBSD community, I have written an application based on mprof, the memory profiler for Unix which was last updated in about 1989. It's released under a BSD style license. It compiles unmodified on both Linux and FreeBSD. Currently it only supports AMD64 processors. I'd be extremely...
  20. Martin Garcia

    Limit/cap resources on jails

    Hello, Im getting into jails I want to move away some KVM vms, and transform it into jails. My goal is to optimize (even more with jails) all resources, specially storage. Currently Im running 2 vms with FreeBSD, vm1 has PHP7.1 and MariaDB and vm2 has PHP5.6 with MySQL. (vm1 should have more...