1. J

    Install and update system and packages without FTP

    Hi, I stumbled upon this line in the FreeBSD official documentation: I'm stunned because I've been looking for ways to work with FreeBSD without FTP for days and it seems impossible. pkg install uses FTP and I find no way to globally override this freebsd-update uses FTP and I find no way to...
  2. Kalero

    How to install the latest version of Lumina desktop using pkg?

    Hi! I've just made a fresh installation of FreeBSD 10.2 RELEASE and I would like to install the latest version of Lumina desktop using pkg. Then, if I look at, inside the FreeBSD 10.x directory for i386 (, I see the latest...
  3. dave

    pkg list origins?

    If I have some origins set for pkg using a command like.. # pkg set -o lang/php56:lang/php54 ... then how do I list and manage those settings? I.e. if I have a machine I am not familiar with, how can I check what options have been changed for pkg using the set command?
  4. Angel Hess

    www/squid: Fails to build

    I assume Squid 4.0.1 has make errors because it was released just a few days ago? 4.0.1 also does not seem to be in the package install, only 3+ is in pkg install. How long until it is usually in the pkg install database? I tried the usual manual download, config, make, etc. And it seems to have...
  5. S

    When upgrading I get a: "pkg: Skipping unknown key 'messages'"

    I did a: pkg update pkg upgrade -y And I got these messages: Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue... Fetching meta.txz: . done Fetching packagesite.txz: .......... done Processing entries: pkg: Skipping unknown key 'messages' Processing entries... pkg: Skipping unknown key 'messages'...
  6. M

    pkg SAT solver issues

    I recently upgraded this machine to 10.2-RELEASE, and did a pkg upgrade. $ pkg info pkg pkg-1.5.6 Name : pkg Version : 1.5.6 Installed on : Sat Sep 19 04:50:32 IST 2015 Origin : ports-mgmt/pkg Architecture : freebsd:10:x86:64 Prefix : /usr/local Categories : ports-mgmt Licenses ...
  7. persistent_ignoramus

    pkg problem, possible error in 9.3-amd-qcow install image

    Hello, I've installed 9.3 amd64 virtual (qcow) in qemu. # /usr/sbin/pkg gives an error, while #cat /var/db/pkg/repo-FreeBSD.sqlite shows ... INTEGER,end_block INTEGER,root BLOB,PRIMARY KEY(level, idx))~*33#tablepkg_search_segmentspkg_search_segments1CREATE TABLE 'pkg_search_segments'(blockid...