1. zoujiaqing

    How to build a pkg mirror in China?

    I use FreeBSD pkg, but it's so slow. I want use my server to build a pkg mirror. How to do it?
  2. Datance

    Slow package download speeds.

    Greetings! Are 90kB/s-500kB/s speeds expected while downloading packages with pkg? If not, are the geo-ip mirrors for the repositories being properly resolved? I have two FreeBSD installations in central Europe and looks like I am using some remote repository. I found this issue in the forum...
  3. robotchaos

    Switching to STABLE

    I see in the Handbook: Tracking a Development Branch that you checkout the source for STABLE to switch. Does it work the same way if you use pkg instead of ports? If not, what's the upgrade procedure? I want to track STABLE so I can hopefully have a working Bluetooth stack, as well as eventually...
  4. F

    Php 56 on FreeBSD12

    Hi guys! I still need to use php56 for my whmcs website because modules are encoded for php5 and I don't have idea how to install it on FreeBSD 12. Actually I need a way to downgrade pkg for latest version of php5. Thank you!
  5. rajagenupula

    Solved How to download multiple packages at a time ?

    with command pkg install package_name all required packages are downloading one after another. Is there any we can download multiple packages at a time ? Thanks Raja Genupula
  6. Nyakov

    Create something like PBI with current ports/pkg system?

    After encountered a bunch of not working pkg-s and other constant problems with them I became curios about how unrightfully forgotten BPI works? Can someone summarize the mechanics? What can be made to create something like BPI with current ports\pkg system?
  7. mustafa987

    Solved questions about pkg and port

    question 1: If I installed wget from the pkg pkg install wget and then decided to installing again from port cd /usr/ports/ftp/wget make install clean then what would happened??? Will the port installation overwrite the pkg installation? Or duplicated wget installation? question 2: If I...
  8. fossette

    A tool to create a custom FreeBSD Package Repository for OFFLINE USE

    As some may know, I really hate having to deal with updates when I have other stuff to take care of. It's especially frustrating since I'm pretty much isolated from threats from the net, and I have decent backups to recover from if need be. Thanks to this article...
  9. vermaden

    HOWTO: Less Known pkg(8) Features

    I would like to share an article about FreeBSD pkg(8) package manager. Less Known pkg(8) Features #freebsd #pkg #beadm #update #upgrade #sqlite
  10. bertalanp99

    Package magically gone (qutebrowser)

    Hello everyone! I have run into a strange little problem today. I have previously been using www/qutebrowser on my computer. I used it just yesterday. When I came home today and booted my system, it was magically gone. Perhaps I am just retarded and uninstalled it, so I tried installing, but...
  11. NapoleonWils0n

    Solved Building Blender port with video editor enabled

    Hi All Although Blender is mainly used as a 3D creation suite it also has probably the best video editor available on linux or unix, and the closest thing i have found to final cut pro Unfortunately the video editor isnt enabled in the blender pkg, im not sure if its a licensing issue that...
  12. alx82

    pkg keeps reinstalling already autoremoved packages

    I have a poudriere repository that I use to build firefox, cmus, scilab and few other packages. Now, I have some packages that I don't longer need, and no other installed packages depend on them. sudo pkg autoremove Installed packages to be REMOVED: ORBit2-2.14.19_2 lapack-3.5.0_5...
  13. GregTheHun

    Solved Newer packages not able to be installed

    Hello all, Just looking through and trying to install a newer package I saw in the ports section of the site and I noticed this: What it appears to be is after doing this: pkg clean -a pkg update -f I cannot seem to install the newest version of elasticsearch and it does not want to update...
  14. K

    How to install pkg offline?

    Hello! This is my first time trying out FreeBSD on bare metal, as I want to use it as my main system (My second Hard Drive has Windows on it, for Games) and I do not have internet after the installation as I need to install this handy little software to get my phone to connect to my computer. I...
  15. dave

    pkg update does nothing with PHP56

    I read in UPDATING that the default version of php has bumped from 5.6 to 7.1. I would like to stay with the php56 version for now. I tried to put this in /etc/make.conf and it seems to have no effect on pkg either way: DEFAULT_VERSIONS+= php=5.6 But... $ sudo pkg update && pkg version -vRL=...
  16. A

    pkg error

    I installed FreeBSD on VM and I would like setup and configure OpenVPN but I have problem and I tired from it. pkg update ###/usr/local/lib/ "undefined symbol openat" I try with the following command but still not working. 1- cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/pkg 2- make clean deinstall...
  17. S

    Deterministic Software Install/Maintenance Method

    All, Over the past few years have spent a significant amount of time (seemingly endless) on port/package maintenance tasks. It seems that we should be able to: 100%: Use pkg for any/all installs and maintenance tasks (if no custom config options are required) -or- 100%: Use ports for any/all...
  18. I

    Is FreeBSD "pkg" command pointing to latest repository?

    I'm trying to install the current latest version of JDK 8. When I searched on "", I found JDK 8 update 181. And, looking into the "Age" of the files, it was updated only 3 days ago. However, when I search from within FreeBSD using pkg search, I could...
  19. B

    Is there a reference documentation for the quarterly package schedule

    Hi all, I have maintained my FreeBSD systems for quite some time on 'latest' and would expect a Wednesday weekly release for updated packages. Is there a documentation showing the schedule of the quarterly package release cycle? I am interested in the cut off dates for new packages to be...
  20. B

    Troubleshooting Shared libs required for third party package

    Hi all, I am trying to understand how to troubleshoot an issue I have with a third party package in a jail. In short, I have two jails, emby and emby2, both setup on 11.2-RELEASE and created using iocage on zfs dataset. In the emby jail, I have the third party emby-server package installed...