1. V

    pkgng archives for EOL releases (8,9) not being provided?

    For some personal interest reasons, I attempted to install FreeBSD 8 in a VM. When I try to pkg update it, it says is 404ed. homepage listed versions 8 and 9, but all mirrors of them give me a 404. And
  2. A - nginx 403 forbidden error

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to locate the latest version of "ntopng", via I can (successfully) access, via a web browser. However, as soon as I select a "server package set", I am presented with a "403 forbidden" message (from nginx). The other...
  3. T

    pkg repositories provided by the FreeBSD project needs to grow up (sigh)

    So I like having packages. But far too often I end up in situations like this: tingo@kg-core2$ openscad Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (5.14.2) with this library (5.15.0) Abort trap (core dumped) Fine, I'll just upgrade OpenSCAD then tingo@kg-core2$ sudo pkg update -f Updating FreeBSD...
  4. antranigv

    Solved Using Jail host as a cache server for pkg and freebsd-update

    Hi all! how are you? :) I have a Jail host which contains about 50 Jails. During day-to-day operations, I need to install packages, a lot of these packages are the same (nginx, vim-console, etc), it would be really good if I can make the Jail host a pkg cache server, where the Jails can use the...
  5. Dogers

    Solved Install all pkgs that contains *someting* in the name ...

    Greetings to everyone. I wish to know if there is a way to install all pkg that contains some String like for instance : "zh-" as a filter. I know that I can do that on Debian based linux distros with commands like that : sudo apt-get install zh-* = will install all packages starting with...
  6. TobiasW

    Solved Check for new packages via cron?

    Can you recommend a way to automatically check for new packages via cron? As a first step I added a daily pkg audit -q but this only lists vulnerable packages. pkg update does not what I want and pkg upgrade is one step too far. Is there maybe something similar to freebsd-update cron for packages?
  7. E

    Solved Issues with py37 packages from the 2020Q3 ports tree on 12.1

    Recently updated to 2020Q3. I seem to be having issues with Python ports as I upgrade. # portmaster -D -G -g --no-confirm comms/py-pyserial (Snip) ===> Creating unique files: Move MAN files needing SUFFIX ===> Creating unique files: Move files needing SUFFIX Move: bin/ -->...
  8. L

    Unable to install or find Firefox in repositories

    After a fresh install of freebsd 12.1 I changed pkg repos to latest. Did a pkg update -f. I am unable to install Firefox. I get a message saying no packages available to install matching Firefox have been found in the repositories. Will someone be willing to assist me as to how to proceed...
  9. M

    Creating a custom repo with poudriere output and standalone builds

    Hi, before using poudriere I built a bunch of "standalone" packages. ( pkg create -ao /usr/ports/packages/All, or simply by running "make package; make install" in some ports). I also created some packages with poudriere using a limited list. My question is pretty simple, is it there any way...
  10. scotia

    portmaster shoots itself in the foot with -P and pkg

    Hi. if I add the -P option to portmaster, and postmaster decides to re-install pkg, I get the following: Installed packages to be REMOVED: pkg: 1.13.2 Number of packages to be removed: 1 The operation will free 13 MiB. [1/1] Deinstalling pkg-1.13.2... You may need to manually remove...
  11. quamenzullo

    Solved "pkg upgrade" outputs a lot of "indexinfo: Skipping: *.info: Capabilities insufficient"

    Hello! I performed this in a jail: # pkg upgrade python27 python36 librsvg2 gnutls (These packages are here just as examples, because this happens with any kind of package, since some time. Everything seems to work further fine, but I wonder what this is and how to fix it.) Here's the start of...
  12. J

    Tensorflow package/binary install

    Hello everyone, I needed to install Tensorflow 2.1 for a project. Tensorflow is not available in the packages and the port is a very old version of Tensorflow (1.4 if I remember well). So I tried to compile it from source. And, actually, it seems to be possible to compile Tensorflow for FreeBSD...
  13. emilengler

    Run "pkg update" and "pkg upgrade" with cronjob

    Hi, is it possible to run these two commands with a cronjob? If so do I need additonal parameters like I would need on a dpkg system? (apt -y upgrade)
  14. NapoleonWils0n

    pkg prime-list install packages on another machine ?

    Hi My Macmini running catalina died so i installed Freebsd on it, and now i want to copy a list of packages installed on my Macbook air running freebsd to the macmini Should i use pkg prime-list to generate a list of the packages i installed on the macbook air, prime-list just creates a list...
  15. NapoleonWils0n

    Solved pkg mismatch package running kernel

    Hi All When i run pkg update i get an error saying Newer FreeBSD version for package p5-Tk-TableMatrix To ignore this error set IGNORE_OSVERSION=yes - package: 1201000 - running kernel: 1200086 Im running FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE-p13 GENERIC which is also the output from uname -a There is a post...
  16. H

    Shell pkg ${ABI} variable

    Hello. I'm curious how pkg determines ABI (if undefined). man 7 pkg states that May you explain how exactly strings such as "freebsd:10:x86:64" are generated? Thanks.
  17. Gerard

    Removing a file from the poudriere repository

    I am using poudriere on a FreeBSD 11.3 system. I want to remove a single file from the repository. Is this possible? I know I can use pkg to delete the file from the system, but I also want to remove it from the repository.
  18. fluca1978

    PostgreSQL 12 package

    I'm running 12.0-RELEASE-p9 and I cannot find any package for the stable version of PostgreSQL 12: % pkg search postgresql12 pgtcl-postgresql12-2.1.1_2 TCL extension for accessing a PostgreSQL server (PGTCL-NG) postgresql12-client-12.r1 PostgreSQL database (client)...
  19. T

    www/falkon dissappears from the pkg repo too?

    A few days ago, calibre went missing from the pkg repo; this was due to an upgrade from version 3.xx to version 4.xx, so technically understandable, even if it was unfortunate for users. Today I wanted to reinstall falkon (due to some library updates, related to other packages on my system)...
  20. zoujiaqing

    How to build a pkg mirror in China?

    I use FreeBSD pkg, but it's so slow. I want use my server to build a pkg mirror. How to do it?