1. R

    Repository FreeBSD has a wrong packagesite, need to re-create database

    Hi, I upgraded from version 14.0 p6 to 14.1 release. Currently I can still browse the internet, work with the machine, do pings to No problem with network connections or my data. But I cannot upgrade any packages anymore: root@vm1:~ # pkg upgrade Updating FreeBSD repository...
  2. K

    Need a second opinion on possible pkg(8) bug?

    Hi, I'm looking for a second opinion on whether I've run into a bug in pkg regarding local repositories. I currently build a small handful of packages locally from ports and also manually install them, but I wanted to try using a local pkg repository to handle that instead. On one of my...
  3. I

    jails How to install a pkg offline into a jail?

    I'm trying to install a downloaded package (bhyve-firmware-1.0_2.pkg, and its dependency) into a jail. In the host, all I did as "pkg add bhyve-firmware-1.0_2.pkg" and it worked. However, to try to get in into a jail, I've tried: pkg -j jailname add bhyve-firmware-1.0_2.pkg pkg -j jailname...
  4. itsme

    vbox pkg: Host does not resolve

    After a fresh install of FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE(on virtual box in windows), unable to update/install packages. The physical machine(desktop) is inside my office network. The same setup works on my office laptop(windows + virtualbox) when connected to office network via VPN without any addtional...
  5. rbranco

    C Testers wanted for new "ps" command for pkg(8)

    I added functionality to list processes using deleted binaries & libraries after a system update. As this feature is present in openSUSE's zypper and Debian's apt (through the needrestart plugin), I decided to add it to pkg(8). To test: git clone...
  6. helmet1080

    pkg not working

    pkg-static: sqlite error while executing PRAGMA user_version; in file pkgdb.c:2380: database disk image is malformed When I got out of power, my computer turned off. When I powered my laptop, I got into problems. I was put to the root prompt. I had a disk problem. I solved it, fsck fixed all my...
  7. apprentice

    Strawberry, ogg & Extreme difficulty removing packages

    I installed the strawberry-qt6-1.0.22_1 package Using the command I learned: pkg install strawberry-qt6-1.0.22_1 But it is not playing .ogg ../ext/ogg/gstoggdemux.c(5021): gst_ogg_demux_loop ()...
  8. F

    Updating system

    In which order should one update/upgrading the FreeBSD components [freebsd (components, world and kernel), pkg, ports] to preserve the integrity of the system?
  9. byrnejb

    pkg starves other processes

    This A.M. I discovered that our imap service was experiencing some sort of performance issue. When I looked into this I discovered this situation at about 08:31: # ps -auwx | grep pkg root 56759 0.0 0.0 11804 2856 - IJ 07:01 0:00.00 /bin/sh -...
  10. illegalcoding /usr/sbin/pkg: Undefined symbol "fetchDebug"

    I'm not sure what happened, but suddenly any attempt to run pkg says /usr/sbin/pkg: Undefined symbol "fetchDebug". I tried reinstalling it from ports, and I got this error /usr/bin/fetch: Undefined symbol "fetchRestartCalls", but I managed to download the file it wanted...
  11. nerozero

    php upgrade - is there a better way to do?

    Hi there At the moment I'm doing php upgrade by collecting information about existing php packages then deleting them and installing newer versions. Is there a better way to do that ? A small script that I'm using so far: #!/bin/sh cfg_ver_cur="php81" cfg_ver_new="php82"...
  12. S

    pkg in jail not working

    Need help: I have just created a new jail 'ha' with 'iocage' on a new FreeBSD 14.0-REALEASE maschine (metal): iocage create -r 14.0-RELEASE --name ha ip4_addr="em0|" Everything worked as expected. Now I want to install some packages inside the jail. No chance: root@ha:~ # pkg...
  13. D

    pkg and Boot Environments

    The freebsd-update utility automatically creates Boot Environment snapshots using bectl if the system supports it. I am curious, does pkg upgrade have any similar capability? I have used beadm and now bectl to create boot environments (then activate them, then update) for a long time, but now...
  14. F

    jails What about creating a jail automatically when installing a package?

    While discovering FreeBSD, jails & related management tools (ezjail, bastille, pot, etc) there is something I can't figure out: Why not give pkg the ability to actually create the jail that will contain the packages we install? something like pkg -cj webserverjail install nginx...
  15. S

    Solved How do I install packages on old versions?

    I have an old machine (10.4-RELEASE) and I need to install Python 3.8 on it. This is my pkg.conf file: FreeBSD: { url: "pkg+${ABI}/quarterly", mirror_type: "srv", signature_type: "fingerprints", fingerprints: "/usr/share/keys/pkg", enabled: yes } This is what...
  16. Cath O'Deray

    pkg: HTTPS by default

    Users of 13.2-RELEASE⋯, stable/13, 14.0⋯, and 15.0-CURRENT can use HTTPS. Example /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/FreeBSD.conf using HTTPS and latest, /etc/pkg/FreeBSD.conf using HTTPS: root@freebsd:~ # cat /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/FreeBSD.conf FreeBSD: { url...
  17. Cath O'Deray

    Using package build records at This brief guide includes: screenshots an explanation of why the latest option – not to be confused with packages from the main branch of the ports tree (familiarly known as latest) – is not reliable a hint about the current requirement to...
  18. W

    Solved New pkg (1.20.8) missing nginx-full

    Hello all, After do an pkg update and pkg upgrade to version 1.20.8 my nginx-full got de-installed and not update. Then tried do pkg install nginx-full or pkg install www/nginx-full and seems this is not on the list. Error message: pkg install nginx-full Updating FreeBSD repository...
  19. A

    pkg want to install openssl port instead of using the base_openssl

    I removed the openssl port, and need to update many ports, is there a good way to update all the ports that require the openssl to use the base openssl? Also, pkg want to install the openssl port back when I do the pkg install, what can I do to tell pkg to use the base openssl?
  20. L

    Super slow download speed from the FreeBSD website and pkg

    I am currently not on FreeBSD I recently installed FreeBSD again I had this issue every time I have switched to FreeBSD in the past. I asked this question a couple of months ago but none of the answers worked. I decided to ask again maybe this time I can start using FreeBSD. The download speed...