1. B

    Is installing nvidia drivers with `pkg install nvidia-driver` officially best practice?

    Popular FreeBSD content creator RoboNubbie posted a video walkthrough for installing and configuring FreeBSD in which he details the way in which you should install nvidia drivers ( View: ) He advises to use `pkg search nvidia`, and then pick out the...
  2. ohreally

    Solved How to uninstall a package without pkg?

    I have a chicken&egg problem... I tried to update Python according to the instructions in /usr/ports/UPDATING, using portmaster. To begin, portmaster uninstalled ports-mgmt/pkg. Then the installation of the new version of ports-mgmt/pkg failed, because it conflicts with security/base-audit. (If...
  3. jgod

    How do I get install packages into jails from custom Poudriere repo on host?

    I searched first, but can't find an example of this - I must be missing something. I can install packages using a custom repo on the host, using poudriere: $ doas pkg install dokuwiki Password: Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue... FreeBSD repository is up to date. Updating myrepo...
  4. Sergei_Shablovsky

    micro editor not installed by pkg

    Micro looks great. ;) For some unknown reason pkg install micro or pkg install editors/micro, even pkg install micro-2.0.10_2 not working, - exit with no Errors with: The most recent versions of packages are already installed BUT nothing really by pkg info micro or pkg info | grep editor...
  5. astyle

    Make pkg connect to my Poudriere repo

    Discussion: I set up a Poudriere repo on host A ( It has all the packages needed to bootstrap pkg on another host with a barebones install. My issue seems to be with bootstrapping pkg on a bare-bones host B (, a practice VM. On host B, I pointed pkg to the Poudriere...
  6. A

    Bacula on FreeBSD

    Hey, I'm just starting my adventure with freebsd. And the problem appeared right at the beginning, while running the first command pkg install bacula-server I get an error: FreeBSD repository is up to date. All repositories are up to date. pkg: No packages avaliable to install matching...
  7. First_Law_of_Unix

    Solved "pkg" is hella slow (not internet speed)

    Hello everyone, have been using FreeBSD for a long time. I just downloaded and installed FreeBSD 13.1 When I use "pkg install" to install basic applications, "pkg" takes like 2 mins to update repository catalogue and when installing an application which has like 5 dependencies, it will fetch...
  8. R

    Installing/removing packages in a boot environment, Can't find /boot/zfsloader

    I am experimenting with boot environments and observing some very weird behavior related to installing/removing packages via pkg -c /tmp/path/to/be <command>. Any time I attempt to install/remove packages in a non-current boot environment using this incantation and then immediately bectl...
  9. B

    pkg is fundamentally slow

    Hi I noticed that pkg was downloading stuff really slower than axel on the same computer or other windows and Linux machines and even my Android phone on the same network searching the forums I saw a lot of posts about pkg being slow and always users answer was that "the problem is the...
  10. Keltir

    Wine version updating and freezing

    Hey there! Suddenly I realized that 9 of of 10 games [except Dragons age origin :-( ] that I usually play work great on FreeBSD with wine-6. Now I want to leave this very version of wine forever! As far as I know, pkg lock wine should be enough here, right? And another question is more about...
  11. R

    Is there no graphical pkg for we desktop users to browse package conveniently?

    Using pkg to update and install/uninstall is good but when i want to compare any programs.. suites... it's not a good experience so i want get some suggestions thanks:D
  12. P

    installing neovim

    Hello all... I use to us freebsd for server builds around 20 years ago LOL, yeh I'm an old bugger :) These days I'm using fedora and macos and wanted to to give freebsd another whirl. Anyway using 14-current I figured neovim would be be in packages? pkg install neovim However it appears not...
  13. F

    Solved PKG update overwrote a Port

    Hi Folks, I performed a pkg update/upgrade and pkg downloaded and reinstalled the nvidia-driver binary against the version I installed from ports with this option: ACPI_PM : on How can I prevent that pkg overwrites software installed from the ports collection? Thanks, tgl
  14. D

    Solved Huge file size of proj-8.2.1,1

    While upgrading packages today, I noticed that the updated graphics/proj package 'proj-8.2.1,1' now has a flat file size of 2.07GiB! The previous version of the package used to be around 450MB. Is this huge increase in file size expected? Here are the details of the package from pkg info proj...
  15. m_pahlevanzadeh

    mysql can't start after upgrade

    I upgrade my freebsd and all of my packages, But mysql can't start after upgrade. How do I start it? By the way, My MySQL doesn't create any log messages.
  16. Vovas

    Solved Difference between port and package version

    Hi! I've installed Plex media server 10th November from package # pkg info plexmediaserver plexmediaserver- Name : plexmediaserver Version : Installed on : Wed Nov 10 17:40:49 2021 MSK Origin : multimedia/plexmediaserver Architecture ...
  17. blind0ne

    Slow package fetching

    Hello, I've trying to install some packages with pkg install, but the process is too slow today. How can I change the source? I've installed fastest_pkg from ports. But this util did not respond after start? Or Should I wait for it to finish?
  18. Y

    Solved Fresh installation - can't build pkg from ports

    I have a fresh installation of FreeBSD 13.0-Release on a machine without internet connection. Some time ago, to install pkg, I would enter "/usr/ports/ports-mgmt/pkg" and call "make" to build it. However, now I am getting the following errors: In other words, to build "pkg" from ports, it...
  19. grahamperrin@

    Non-conservative pkg-upgrade(8)

    With higher priority given to my poudriere repository, why did pkg upgrade not find the upgrade to virtualbox-ose? % pkg -vv | grep -i conservative CONSERVATIVE_UPGRADE = false; % pkg -vv | grep priority priority : 3, priority : 0, priority : 4 % pkg -vv | grep...
  20. grahamperrin@

    poudriere-bulk(8): pkg package missing

    I don't recall seeing this before: … pkg package missing, cleaning all packages... done Seen at two different computers. At the first computer, I'm trying to begin building electron12. At the second computer (below), I'm trying to build Konsole. root@mowa219-gjp4-8570p-freebsd:~ #...