1. A

    Solved Can't install new packages

    When I run pkg install en-freebsd-doc or try to install any other package I get this: The package management tool is not yet installed on your system. Do you want to fetch and install it now? [y/N]: y Bootstraping pkg from pkg+ please wait...
  2. T

    Building latest pkg on Raspberry Pi fails

    I installed an official snapshot of FreeBSD 10.2-STABLE onto a 4 GB SD card and put it into a Raspberry Pi (original). So it is running: root@rpi-b# uname -a FreeBSD rpi-b 10.2-STABLE FreeBSD 10.2-STABLE #0 r293242: Thu Jan 7 00:05:43 UTC 2016...
  3. attilagyorffy

    How to query reverse dependencies of a package without installing it

    Hi all, I'm looking for a way to query the whole pkg database for reverse dependencies. What I'd like to find out is which one of the available packages depend on openssl in case I decided to uninstall it and replace it with libressl for example. I have installed the openssl package, yet I was...
  4. nforced

    Prevent pkg from installing vulnerable packages

    On one machine I have switched from ports to packages because of slow hardware specs (very long port build times) and have observed that pkg installs/upgrade packages to new versions that are vulnerable resulting in couple of vulnerable packages. For example I now see pkg audit -F vulnxml file...
  5. attilagyorffy

    Solved Unattended installs using pkg

    I'm in the middle of setting up a FreeBSD server using Ansible and I needed to skip prompts during a pkg install command to force it into 'unattended mode'. I am relatively still new to FreeBSD and am finding my way around the handbook but mostly using man pages, but this was not quite well...
  6. amiramix

    Solved Corrupted pkg database?

    root@server:~ # pkg version bash-4.3.42_1 = ca_root_nss-3.20.1 = cpdup-1.17_2 = curl-7.44.0 < cvsps-2.1_1 = expat-2.1.0_3 = gettext- < gettext-runtime- < gettext-tools- < git-2.6.1 < indexinfo-0.2.3 < libffi-3.2.1 = p5-Authen-SASL-2.16_1 =...
  7. Z

    Build port but install dependencies with pkg

    I'm sometimes finding that I want to rebuild a port to enable a single option, like DEBUG, for example. Otherwise I generally use standard packages for everything else. For some ports with a lot of dependencies, I want to avoid having to build all those dependencies from source. The last time I...
  8. J

    Best way to automatically keep system, packages, and daemons up to date

    Hi, I'd like to know if you have a good way of keeping a system completely up to date in a completely automated way. If my understanding is correct, I can add 42 8 * * * freebsd-update cron in root's crontab to have the base system (I guess that means the kernel and the programs in /bin)...
  9. J

    Install package inside jail vs install package from outside

    Hi, I'm experimenting with jails and I can see two ways of installing packages (using the pkg command). For example, to install vim: either log into the jail and run # pkg install vim or, from the host # pkg -j myjail install vim I can see the benefit of the first way (from inside the...
  10. J

    Install and update system and packages without FTP

    Hi, I stumbled upon this line in the FreeBSD official documentation: I'm stunned because I've been looking for ways to work with FreeBSD without FTP for days and it seems impossible. pkg install uses FTP and I find no way to globally override this freebsd-update uses FTP and I find no way to...
  11. Kalero

    How to install the latest version of Lumina desktop using pkg?

    Hi! I've just made a fresh installation of FreeBSD 10.2 RELEASE and I would like to install the latest version of Lumina desktop using pkg. Then, if I look at, inside the FreeBSD 10.x directory for i386 (, I see the latest...
  12. dave

    pkg list origins?

    If I have some origins set for pkg using a command like.. # pkg set -o lang/php56:lang/php54 ... then how do I list and manage those settings? I.e. if I have a machine I am not familiar with, how can I check what options have been changed for pkg using the set command?
  13. Angel Hess

    www/squid: Fails to build

    I assume Squid 4.0.1 has make errors because it was released just a few days ago? 4.0.1 also does not seem to be in the package install, only 3+ is in pkg install. How long until it is usually in the pkg install database? I tried the usual manual download, config, make, etc. And it seems to have...
  14. S

    When upgrading I get a: "pkg: Skipping unknown key 'messages'"

    I did a: pkg update pkg upgrade -y And I got these messages: Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue... Fetching meta.txz: . done Fetching packagesite.txz: .......... done Processing entries: pkg: Skipping unknown key 'messages' Processing entries... pkg: Skipping unknown key 'messages'...
  15. M

    pkg SAT solver issues

    I recently upgraded this machine to 10.2-RELEASE, and did a pkg upgrade. $ pkg info pkg pkg-1.5.6 Name : pkg Version : 1.5.6 Installed on : Sat Sep 19 04:50:32 IST 2015 Origin : ports-mgmt/pkg Architecture : freebsd:10:x86:64 Prefix : /usr/local Categories : ports-mgmt Licenses ...
  16. persistent_ignoramus

    pkg problem, possible error in 9.3-amd-qcow install image

    Hello, I've installed 9.3 amd64 virtual (qcow) in qemu. # /usr/sbin/pkg gives an error, while #cat /var/db/pkg/repo-FreeBSD.sqlite shows ... INTEGER,end_block INTEGER,root BLOB,PRIMARY KEY(level, idx))~*33#tablepkg_search_segmentspkg_search_segments1CREATE TABLE 'pkg_search_segments'(blockid...