1. grahamperrin@

    Non-conservative pkg-upgrade(8)

    With higher priority given to my poudriere repository, why did pkg upgrade not find the upgrade to virtualbox-ose? % pkg -vv | grep -i conservative CONSERVATIVE_UPGRADE = false; % pkg -vv | grep priority priority : 3, priority : 0, priority : 4 % pkg -vv | grep...
  2. grahamperrin@

    poudriere-bulk(8): pkg package missing

    I don't recall seeing this before: … pkg package missing, cleaning all packages... done Seen at two different computers. At the first computer, I'm trying to begin building electron12. At the second computer (below), I'm trying to build Konsole. root@mowa219-gjp4-8570p-freebsd:~ #...
  3. N

    pkg install rabbitmq

    Hello, I wanted to install the RabbitMQ broker on the purchased server. I tried a command like "pkg install rabbitmq" but it didn't help. I don't have root access, but I know pkg is loaded (v1.16.3). FreeBSD (v12.2-RELEASE-p5). The only commands that are available are: pkg: not enough arguments...
  4. F

    Package marked as broken, install from Github source?

    I have a package that fails to build in my Poudriere repository, databases/postgresql-plv8js, due to it being marked as broken. Unfortunately this is a required package for the piece of ERP software the PostgreSQL database is built for. I have found the Github source for plv8 and I'm trying to...
  5. fel1x

    Gnome 3 disappeared in FreeBSD 13 amd64 repo

    I'm using FreeBSD 13 amd64, and the package server is gnome3 cannot be found in FreeBSD:13:amd64, but I can find it in FreeBSD:12:amd64 and FreeBSD:14:amd64. I both tried quaterly and latest, but it doesn't seem to appear in both repositories. I don't want to install it from...
  6. Rob215x

    What's the best way to update all ports after upgrading from FreeBSD 11 to 12?

    Synopsis: I have 3 web servers running FreeBSD 11.4 and I want to upgrade them to 12.2. I upgraded one last night and ran into some issues I've never seen before in past FreeBSD updates. I'm always trying to learn new things and I figured maybe I haven't been doing things properly in the past...
  7. Spity

    Update packages?

    A simple question: How do I update the packages installed on my system? For example in Fedora I used: In Arch: On FreeBSD?
  8. byrnejb

    Solved pkg No address record

    I am configuring a development jail to use an internal pkg repository populated by Poudriere. The /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/Poudriere.conf file contains this: Poudriere: { url: http://" enabled: yes...
  9. ziomario

    A lot of eval:sort not found errors during the booting process of FreeBSD freezes my mouse.

    Hello to everyone. The last command that I've been able to issue on my FreeBSD 13 installation has been "pkg install ffmpeg" ; after this,during the FreeBSD booting process I see a lot of error messages like this : "eval:sort not found" and when the desktop managers (I tried with xfce and kde...
  10. Spity

    What's going on with GNOME3

    Hi, Today, I was doing a clean install of my system and I see that the gnome3 package no longer exists. And the gnome installation is not complete. What's going on?
  11. I

    Check installed packages for checksum mismatches ("pkg check")

    The command "pkg check -s -a" verify the checksums against installed packages. I've tried both an Internet-connected VM and another Internet-disconnected VM and the command passes and completes without errors. 1. How does it verify the the packages? (Is it similar to "shasum -a 256 ..." and...
  12. I

    jails How to install "pkg" inside a jail for a machine without Internet connection?

    I have a FreeBSD box with no Internet connection. Somehow I had installed "pkg" into the host system previously (if I remember correctly, it was from the mounted dvd1.iso). I created a jail and tried to install some packages. The "pkg" is not available in the jail. I tried to mount the same...
  13. I

    Best method to install packages offline

    I have another machine which is offline. What is the best method to install packages offline? I mean, due to the dependencies, it is almost impossible to download all the dependent packages to install them. Is there a way to use the pkg command to download (from a connected FreeBSD machine)...
  14. C

    Please add better version management in the pkg install.

    There has to be a minimal_tested_target_level or something to have sepperate versions of the package uploaded for different freebsd releases, keeping it compatible. I prefer FreeBSD 11.4 over newer because of SCO unix SVR compatibility, but a lot of BSD packages, I can't install. This is a main...
  15. grahamperrin@

    pkg(8) --chroot with packages created by poudriere, and /var/log/messages

    The package data in /usr/local/poudriere/data/packages – how best to make this available? A symbolic link, maybe? root@mowa219-gjp4-8570p:~ # date ; uname -v Fri May 7 06:49:39 BST 2021 FreeBSD 14.0-CURRENT #94 main-n246499-097e8701c9f: Thu May 6 07:26:23 BST 2021...
  16. U

    Requesting info on Capsicum specifically intergration with programs E.G. Firefox

    I have been reviewing the documentation and have not been able to find anything relating to how capsicum is integrated into the OS nor how one needs to configure the program. When installing Firefox/Firefox-esr, I received a message from the pkg (line 9 is what I am referring to), 4 ##...
  17. poorandunlucky

    Problem upgrading jails (pkg, freebsd-update)

    So I have these jails now, and I want to install Samba on my www jail. I've upgraded to 12.2-p6, pkg -vv shows kernel 120200. I've upgraded my jail with freebsd-update -b /jails/www There was an error, some directories for the certificates under /usr/share/[certs]/[trusted/blacklisted] didn't...
  18. sidetone

    Solved Pkg on FreeBSD 13

    In FreeBSD 13.0 there's two things about packages. When installing new packages, for a newly available system, are latest and quarterly the same, until the next quarter comes out? Because it's too new, that it has only 1 set of pkg build on a new system? I changed my /etc/pkg/FreeBSD.conf from...
  19. F

    Solved Pre-installed packages in FreeBSD

    So I want to build an FreeBSD iso with hexedit preinstalled. I'm doing that to understand how to build custom iso's. I don't have so much idea about custom kernel build. I mean I don't know how can I do that. I take a look to GhostBSD-src and FreeBSD-src over github and see some tutorials to...
  20. F

    Package version mismatch - grub2-bhyve

    Hi everyone, First post here - so I'm hopeful I'm for some help! I have two FreeBSD servers running Rel 12, following output is identical on both: # uname -a FreeBSD <server-name> 12.0-RELEASE-p3 FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE-p3 GENERIC amd64 # freebsd-version 12.0-RELEASE-p3 Both systems have the...