1. N

    Solved Maintaining packages with custom options

    Hi all, I'd like to follow the quarterly package repository (because I value stability and reliability over new features), but I need to have a few packages compiled with custom options, and this results in a problem: Ports does not have a quarterly release, only a "rolling release" of sorts...
  2. 1

    install debian packages

    Hello. In ports are only fedora and centos. Is it possible to install the package for debian or ubuntu?
  3. sidetone

    Solved Package vulnerability vuxml warning on desktop startup

    I kind of have an idea for how to make a popup for when a vulnerability is presented. For the root crontab I have @reboot pkg audit -F @hourly pkg audit -F I can use pkg audit as a non-root user to find the alert, but this doesn't alert me automatically when it becomes present. Next, I found...

    Poudriere on low powered machine

    I'm looking to set up ports-mgmt/poudriere on a low-powered server, specifically the HP 470. I was wondering if this is too low powered of a the machine to run ports-mgmt/poudriere if I am not using ZFS. I don't care if it takes a long time to compile packages (within reason) as long as it...
  5. nforced

    Prevent pkg from installing vulnerable packages

    On one machine I have switched from ports to packages because of slow hardware specs (very long port build times) and have observed that pkg installs/upgrade packages to new versions that are vulnerable resulting in couple of vulnerable packages. For example I now see pkg audit -F vulnxml file...