Application Not Opening: What did i do wrong

Hey everyone, I'm new to FreeBSD and to the forums, so I might be here often...

My question is why does my app not open when I click run??? The app I am trying to open is CuraEngine, it's a 3-D printing slicer software. Whenever I search it up on the start menu and click "Run CuraEngine," it just does nothing. No error codes come up either. I typed in the konsole as root whereis CuraEngine and it says /usr/local/bin/CuraEngine. When I look in the root folder and in bin, it doesn't seem to say CuraEngine in there... What is my issue??? Did I install something wrong or forget a code to install it completly???


Staff member
As you already found out, it lives in /usr/local/bin, so you can simply copy the location string you got from whereis into a shell any hit enter.

Started from the console, you may get error messages from the program telling you more.