1. spag

    Solved [www/nginx] nginx/1.16.1 ngx_http_image_filter_module - load error

    Hi, I have a problem recently: nginx: [emerg] dlopen() "/usr/local/libexec/nginx/" failed (/usr/local/libexec/nginx/ Undefined symbol "gdImageCreateFromPngPtr") in /usr/local/etc/nginx/nginx.conf:5 Any Idea how to fix? Thanks.
  2. P

    how to do a freebsd or a linux distro with an integrated web server

    I don't know if it's in the right category, but I can't find any material explaining how I can make my own linux or freebsd distro that comes with an integrated web server and an html page by default within var / www
  3. R

    Redmine: How to setup and get it running in NGINX?

    Hi, I installed www/redmine but cannot get it up and running in NGINX. The documentation that I found on this forum is quite outdated. I am using FreeBSD 12.0. Can somebody help me out? Best Regards, R
  4. daBee

    Passenger Installs Twice

    Here is the current error involving Passenger: You are currently validating against Phusion Passenger 5.3.4, located in: /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/2.5/gems/passenger-5.3.4/bin/passenger Besides this Passenger installation, the following other Passenger installations have also...
  5. daBee

    nginx Passenger Shell Logins && Associated Errors

    Hi folks. I hope this is the proper place for this thread. I have an nginx/Passenger/Sinatra situation. I've sent over a website to my server, and nginx has no user set. I've been told NOT to run it as root, but that's been highly disputed and it's never a clear answer. So because of...
  6. timypcr

    Syntax error after ap24-mod_rpaf2 update

    Anyone here use the Apache module mod_rpaf2 to pass the IP's from an nginx proxy so the back end apache server logs the correct IP of web site visitors? This has been working great for over two years; until I updated both Apache (apache 2.4.33 ) and ap24-mod_rpaf2 to version 0.8.4 After the...
  7. daBee

    nginx kill

    Hi folks. Other confusion with nginx. I'm trying some regular log rollovers and want to kill the process. I have read that after moving and renaming my nginx.log, I want to do this: kill -USR1 $( cat /var/run/ ) That is the proper location of the pid file. The kill stops the...
  8. daBee

    nginx Permissions Clarification

    Hi folks. My workstation is a Mac (El Capitan), and I have a FreeBSD box on version 11.1 Release, running nginx on both. Both have the user commented out, yet I continue to get errors on the following commands on the FreeBSD box: $ nginx -t nginx: the configuration file...
  9. Wamphyre

    Weird trouble with Nginx/Apache reverse proxy on Jail.

    Hello. I'm experiencing a strange problem in my FreeBSD 11.1 jailed web server. 4 hours ago I needed to replace the hard drive of my home server, because was broken and I reinstalled FreeBSD with exactly the same config before hard drive change, where the jailed server was doing the work so...
  10. larynx

    Log file encoding changing from ASCII to Binary

    I'm running Fail2Ban 0.10.1 on FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE with Nginx running inside a jail. I have Fail2Ban check the Nginx error log file for suspicious activity but the Fail2Ban log file shows a message saying it can't parse some of the lines in the Nginx log file because they're not encoded...
  11. R

    Can't run nginx automatically as user

    I have an nginx server configured to run the master service as a non-root user and it runs fine when I manually invoke it by running nginx -c /path/to/nginx.conf as the user 'nginx' but it doesn't work from my rc.conf script. I've tried to automate startup by writing it into an rc.conf script...
  12. I

    Why nginx won't start?

    I usually put nginx and postgres in separate jails. But this time I put them in the host system. postgresql started. but nginx won't start. In /usr/local/etc/rc.d: -rwx------ 1 root wheel 2863 Oct 28 23:06 nginx -rwx------ 1 root wheel 3276 Oct 19 15:41 postgresql And in /etc/rc.conf...
  13. S

    more_set_input_headers error with Nginx

    Good Morning all, I've used my google-fu and searched the forms but haven't found an answer to this error. I'm trying out nginx as a reverse proxy for Exchange and setup my config properly. I know for Linux "more_set_input_headers" requires "nginx-extras" or the "Headers_More" module in BSD...
  14. rigoletto@

    Solved InfCloud (+ DAViCal + Nginx): can't make it work.

    Hi, I am completely lame in the web server subject. So, I have www/davical (perfectly?) working under www/nginx and I want to use InfCloud as webclient (I do not know any other indeed :rolleyes:), but I can't make that work. The InfCloud run, I can access its login page but not actually...
  15. S


    Hi, We've been getting net::ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR on mostly chrome when serving video files. In the beginning we thought that issue is with Chrome browser but after testing it further we found that video serving working perfect on Debian but error is only occuring on Freebsd. The way we're...
  16. daBee

    passenger_root with nginx

    Hi folks. I am installing nginx with passenger module, then installed rubygem-passenger. Upon trying to start nginx, I get the following: [Tue Jul 04 11:32:09 rich@neb ~] service nginx start Performing sanity check on nginx configuration: nginx: [emerg] unknown directive "passenger_root" in...
  17. Ependi Silalahi


    I need help. I have freebsd 11, nginx, PHP 71, and mariadb all latest have installed on my server. I tried to run nextcloud 12 but it wouldnt install. I have done this on linux and no problem. I put nextcloud root on /usr/www/nextcloud and created database and user but when tried to launch...
  18. Petr Fischer

    Solved Building nginx in a jail with ssl=base (without openssl port dependency)

    Hello, I am trying to build nginx from ports, but I don't want dependency to openssl from ports. I want "base" FreeBSD openssl. Default nginx package has no dependency to external openssl package. I am building in a jail. I have this in make.conf: WRKDIRPREFIX= /var/ports DISTDIR=...
  19. S

    Sendfile(2) FreeBSD Netflix

    Hi, Hopes everybody is doing great here. My question was related to newly developed Sendfile(2) by Netflix specifically for Nginx on FreeBSD only. Is this already enabled in all FreeBSD systems or we need to recompile kernel to obtain sendfile(2) feature ? The more read is here ...
  20. T

    Recommended multi-server FBSD hosting configuration

    I'm building out a hosting environment for my customers. I typically use Linux but FreeBSD offers some features of interest to my customers. I've used FreeBSD before (version 9), but my experience is limited. The hosting architecture I'd like to setup is (focusing on two servers): Server 1...