1. A

    nginx and 'sites-available' folder

    Standard nginx package has the monolithic file nginx.conf. But when using nginx on Debian / Ubuntu etc., you will have some improvements, f.e. saving site configs into separate files in /etc/nginx/sites-available directory. Their soft links are in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled directory, and the main...
  2. A

    certbot can't found server block in external config files in nginx

    Freebsd 13.1, nginx/1.22.0, certbot 1.29.0 If I use and server block is in /usr/local/etc/nginx/nginx.conf cerbot install cert correctly When I move server block to separate files servers/ and use in main config certbot show My servers/ is Of course the...
  3. K

    Nginx: sendfile or aio on FreeBSD 13.1+ZFS?

    Greetings. Nginx states (Changes with nginx 1.21.5 - 28 Dec 2021): Change: now nginx always uses sendfile(SF_NODISKIO) on FreeBSD. So it seems, it uses "sendfile: on;" by the default on FreeBSD. Afaik, sendfile should be off for FreeBSD and ZFS, to avoid redundant data caching. I'm on ZFS...
  4. B

    FreeBSD 13 kernel panics from nginx (sendfile problem)

    Greetings, I opened a bug 264273 because I have two panics in 8 hours after the binary update from 12.2 to 13.0 from nginx calling sendfile. Any one else with a similar problem? Somebody suggested to disable sendfile and enable aio . Is this a suggested move or not? Thank you again, B.
  5. K

    About Nginx+HTTPS+SSL certs in Jails

    Hi everyone. I'd like to set two jails with each hosting a domain of mine, with HTTPS/TLS support on nginx. My case is; My Dedicated Server/Host IP: (External Public IP Addr) (has also PF activated and running without Jails' support, anything with any jail, at the moment) Jail 1 -...
  6. K

    Nginx KTLS support on FreeBSD 13/13.1?

    Today did a pkg upgrade and my nginx updated to: nginx-devel-1.21.5_3 on FreeBSD 13, bringing support to KTLS. Tried to activate the KTLS within the kernel with command: kldload ktls_ocf then: sysctl kern.ipc.tls.enable=1 afterwards, I added; ssl_conf_command Options KTLS;" under SSL server...
  7. TomTheOne

    nginx-naxsi not working

    Hi all I'm new to FreeBSD, nginx and naxsi. I try to use the OS and the two applications to create a simple web application firewall to better protect a couple of websites i run. I have problems including the naxsi ruleset in nginx. Here is step-by-step what i try to do and where i face the...
  8. D

    Help with jail permissions

    Hello, I have a jail set up to test my nginx web server on my local machine and make changes to it before I push. However, I wanted to use a GUI editor from outside the jail to edit the HTML/CSS (which is the main reason I wanted to use a jail). I made perhaps a horrible mistake by recursively...
  9. Nick-6

    Recommended directory for website data?

    Checked hier and didn't see mentioning it. Internet says /usr/local/www is the one. I'd used /srv/ in Linux. I'd like to know the proper and recommended directory for website data in FreeBSD. I'll install www/wordpress with www/nginx on my server. Thanks.
  10. F

    PF Apache + Ngingx reverse proxy

    Hi, guys! For a while I used for my whmcs setup composed by apache + mod_php as backend and nginx as reverse proxy. I was thinking i'm safe until someone with few proxies succeed to open enough connections and apache eaten whole amount of RAM (2GB). Any idea how to block this kind of...
  11. H

    nginx error flood /var/log

    Hello I have installed and online several jails, very basic, only static html, no php or any other backend software, they have worked for many months without problems, but I noticed this general error because just two or three days ago I started working to install php-fpm for a new site in its...
  12. H

    file_get_contents command does not work

    Hello everyone, first of all, I apologize to everyone for translation errors I started doing research to extract data from websites and found some documents and run them on my local host, then I uploaded the code to my server, but the data did not come pkgs: nginx-1.20.0_1,2 php80-8.0.6 my...
  13. tuxador

    jails DJANGO + postgres + NGINX in a jail Best practices

    Hi, i am setting up for local deployment a django app in a desktop running FreeBSD12.2. Django is installed within a jail using ezjail. I have a couple of questions for the simplest and safest way to put it in production in a local network. 1- Is it simpler to run postgresql in the host and...
  14. T

    FreeBSD + NGINX + Varnish - limit of processed requests.

    Hi! I've one issue: NGINX + VARNISH wrk -c 9500 -t 16 -d 15s -H "Host:" -s request-only.lua Running 15s test @ 16 threads and 9500 connections Thread Stats Avg Stdev Max +/- Stdev Latency 372.92ms 388.82ms 1.91s...
  15. R

    Why I can't use a Load Balancer configured in Apache ?

    Hello everyone, as you can see in the title, I'm having some trouble trying to make a load balancer on one of my FreeBSD servers. I don't know why but the configuration that I'm giving to apache looks fine, because it's giving me a "syntax ok" when I restart the service, but asks me if the...
  16. jjbigorra

    NGINX on several jails or on host?

    Hey guys, this is my first post here, I am hoping I respect all the rules of this wonderful forum. I am setting up some services, moving from Ubuntu to FreeBSD in my company. We have 3 environments: - Test: all services in one server - Acceptance: Database and Redis in one server, rest of...
  17. kel

    new article on nginx, php-fpm, and mysql 8 on FreeBSD 12 for Wordpress hosting

    Hi fellow enthusiasts, I wrote a short article on securing a FreeBSD 12 web server with nginx, php-fpm and mysql 8 by focusing on website isolation. Specifically, the goal was to create different php-fpm pools for each nginx virtual server, with them sharing a unique socket for each website. In...
  18. Wamphyre

    BeastNgine: Engintron inspired web server stack for FreeBSD

    Hi, After 2 years of slow work, testing and debugging, today I present my project, BeastNgine. BeastNgine is an Engintron inspired implementation of Varnish, Nginx, Brotli, php-fpm, certbot and modsecurity for FreeBSD. With BeastNgine, you can simply deploy a complete, full blown and ready...
  19. Trigex

    Setting up "The Lounge" web IRC client in a Jail

    After quite a bit of playing around this setup for The Lounge (My first production-deployed jail!), I think I've got something fairly solid built up! Here's a little guide to reproduce what I've done: Install sysutils/ezjail on your target host machine, if you haven't already and go through the...
  20. spag

    Solved [www/nginx] nginx/1.16.1 ngx_http_image_filter_module - load error

    Hi, I have a problem recently: nginx: [emerg] dlopen() "/usr/local/libexec/nginx/" failed (/usr/local/libexec/nginx/ Undefined symbol "gdImageCreateFromPngPtr") in /usr/local/etc/nginx/nginx.conf:5 Any Idea how to fix? Thanks.