1. unknownuser

    Host unable to load web pages from Jail - 408

    Hello everyone. I have a Windows 10 Workstation where I run a FreeBSD 10.3 Guest server over VMWare 12. This FreeBSD VM is meant to run multiple Apache/PHP/Wordpress instances on multiple jails. The FreeBSD guest is bridged through the HOST Ethernet NIC, where the HOST has the IP...
  2. S

    Kqueue Filled !!

    Hi, We're seeing following warnings in Nginx error logs : kqueue change list is filled up while SSL handshaking Should we be worried about these warnings ? Can you please guide on how to fix it up ?

    nginx (or PHP?) sends wrong Location in HTTP header

    Hello! OS: FreeBSD 11-RELEASE Engine: nginx-1.10.1_2,2 App language: php70-7.0.12 CMS: Symfony 1.4 I have a problem with Location in HTTP header. Old server (Apache, PHP5) reply for all browsers: Location: New server (nginx, PHP7) reply for all browsers: : http...
  4. S

    Slow uploading speed

    Hi, We're facing quite slow uploading speed on FreeBSD-10.X both over HTTP (NGINX) & over FTP. Hardware is quite strong with 4x1Gbps LACP / 65G RAM / 12x3TB SATA . There's not much load over HDDs so i suspect that maybe tcp tuning has some problem. Here is my sysctl.conf...
  5. D

    Troubleshooting Idrops in netstat

    I have a VPS server running FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p4 and nginx so this might belong in the "Web Services" category. It contains three very low volume web sites that have been up for about three years, all listening on the same nginx server. I was tinkering with TLS and SSL ciphers on one of the...
  6. adams

    www/nginx 1.10.x "service nginx upgrade" results in "Address already in use"

    We use service nginx upgrade to do seamless restarting of NginX processes weekly due to high volume sites' having their NginX processes simply exit after a few weeks otherwise. I appreciate that this is a bandaid and shouldn't be needed, but it is. This spans dozens of machines and clients...
  7. blodan

    HOWTO: Stop nginx + php-fpm from truncating your stack trace/error message

    This one took me quite a while to figure out so hopefully someone will have use of this post. As you are here, you have probably already figured out that your stack traces/error messages are being truncated at 1024 characters/bytes and that the nginx recompile solution out there does not help...
  8. A

    Lighttpd vs. nginx

    Howdy. I'm currently thinking about moving from apache to either lighttpd or nginx in the near future. The reason for this is simple, I just need a lightweight HTTP server that can easily be configured (ie, setting up virtual hosts, user directories, directory listings and such). I also require...
  9. Moviuro

    Nginx, single IPv4, IPv6, SSL/TLS, jails, one machine

    Hi all! I'm trying to build a good webserver that can serve over HTTPS only: My blog as static HTML (Jekyll, Hugo or whatever) Nagios Transmission Possibly some other web applications So far I have no encryption (nginx is just serving on port 80) and the following constraints: Only one IPv4...
  10. S

    High interrupt rate!

    Hi, We've been using FreeBSD-10 for video streaming website where FreeBSD serves static content (mp4, jpg) over Nginx+php-fpm & performs FFmpeg encoding for users uploaded videos. Server is utilizing 2Gbps realtime port (2 x 1Gbps LACP) and under load we examined bit high percentage of...
  11. S

    Nginx-FreeBSD slow download!

    Hi, We've recently shifted to FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE due to its robust asynchronous performance for big storage based on .mp4 files. Here is the server specs : 2 x Intel Xeon X5690 96GB DDR3 Memory 12 x 3TB SATA Raid-10 (HBA LSI-9211) ZFS FileSystem with 18TB usable space 2 x 1Gbps LACP (2Gbps...
  12. joel.bodenmann

    Solved Moving web server to FreeBSD - MediaWiki shows blank page

    Hello folks, The past couple of weeks I spend converting from being a Linux guy to becoming a FreeBSD guy. After I've had a really nice time with FreeBSD I felt that it's finally time to stop playing around and moving one of my web servers from an Ubuntu server to a FreeBSD server. I setup...
  13. quamenzullo

    Solved Each website in its own jail

    Hello everyone, I'm quite new to jails, have read a lot of doc and forum posts and am a bit lost wondering what is the best/easiest/safest set up to serve several websites from the same server. I would like to put each website into its own jail, and use nginx as webserver. Questions: 1. Is it...
  14. daBee

    nginx Passenger Installation

    Hi folks. I can't seem to get www/nginx installed with Passenger on 10.1. RVM is installed. $ rvm gemset list gemsets for ruby-2.2.3 (found in /home/rich/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.2.3) => (default) global $ rvm list rvm rubies =* ruby-2.2.3 [ x86_64 ] # => - current # =* - current &&...
  15. H

    Multiple Web Services with Jails

    Hello, I switched to FreeBSD a week ago on my main server. So far the experience has been great. Because I'm new to the whole jails theory I'd like to present my plan and possible challenges. My Setup: Hostsystem: FreeBSD, 8 Cores, 24GB Ram, Static IP My idea was to create multiple jails...
  16. pentago

    Do anyone have Nginx NAXSI rules for latest version of WordPress?

    Hi, I'm having issue with running current (4.3.1) Wordpress with Nginx NAXSI module. Can someone share their working rules please? Im having real difficulty finding these on web. Thank you in advance!
  17. A

    nginx "spdy" error

    I am following Joshua's guide to install owncloud in a jail. I am having consistent issues with the nginx.conf file. Originally, I posted in the FreeNAS forum specific to the owncloud jail...
  18. mariourk

    PHP-5.6 and PostgreSQL-9.4

    Hi, I'm trying to get Nginx with PHP-5.6 and PostgreSQL-9.4 working. I can install PostgreSQL-9.4 without any problems. But as soon as I install databases/php56-pgsql, pkg will downgrade databases/postgresql94-client to databases/postgresql94-client. And that causes some problems. For example...