1. decuser

    One NetBSD user's perspective on using FreeBSD

    I came across the following article online: It's interesting, for sure, but I'm curious how accurate it is. Among other items, the author claims FreeBSD's init system is derived from NetBSD's and that pkg comes from NetBSD's pkgsrc. I...
  2. samTopaz

    Can't write to directory mounted via NFS

    Hello, I've just setup a NAS running NFS on NetBSD. I can automatically mount the directory over NFS with the fstab entry: x.x.x.:/samsMegaStorage /mnt/storage nfs rw 0 0 (where x.x.x.x is the Ip address of the server) However when I mount it using sudo mount -a the owner of...
  3. rootbert

    bhyve + NetBSD 9.0

    after having spent some hours to try to get NetBSD installed in a bhyve vm I'd like to ask here if anyone has managed to do so and wants to share the config? The furthest I came was the UEFI installer image booting roughly half a second ("one screen of kernel logs") and then bhyve aborting with...
  4. clawhammer

    how would I go about getting pkgsrc packages without internet?

    Can I download these to a usb drive and install them on my netbsd laptop? EDIT: I mainly want to get emacs on my computer.
  5. E


    –Hello Friends I would like to formally announce a new and exciting project taking place in the FreeBSD community. My name is Parisna I'm the c.e.o and founder of a Seattle, Wa based startup binchōtan inc.. Our company has enjoyed working with FreeBSD, since our founding February 2nd, 2014. We...
  6. Kalero

    Most updated ports/packages

    Hi! I open this thread to talk about which BSD flavour has the most updated ports/packages. For example, sometimes I develop some Java app with NetBeans IDE on Linux, and I see in the last version ported to FreeBSD is the 8.0.2 version. Now where is a "" for OpenBSD...