1. Usul

    BSD monitoring

    I run FreeBSD 13 on a VM and occasionally CPU maxes out and never goes back to something useful. This started after my upgrade to 13.2 from 13.1. I know that CPU maxes out from my VM provider. When cpu is high, I can't ssh to the box and figure out what is causing the issue. Eg I'm completely in...
  2. Sergei_Shablovsky

    How to (constantly) monitoring state of static library ?

    Merry Christmas, FreeBSD Gurus! 1. How to monitoring state of static library: CPU, memory, disk I/O, system calls, etc…? 2. How to useful doing this once, on crone and constantly (mean with saving in rdd DB)…? Thank You so much!
  3. vidmak

    Nvidia GPU Monitoring Tools

    This topic has already been partly discussed (getting-more-information-about-the-gpu-and-libraries-loaded.80906), but for fellow users with a dedicated Nvidia GPU, I wanted to share my experience with the various GUI and CLI monitoring tools that I find useful as well as instructions on how to...
  4. Voltaire

    Solved How do you see which processes are downloading data?

    What I see now is that Conky is constantly registering a light download. I've never seen this before unless I'm using an extender, but I'm not using an extender now. systat -ifstat also records this constant download. It fluctuates around 0.035 KB per second. There is no constant upload. So I...
  5. priyadarshan

    Solved FreeBSD equivalent of Linux's ZED "ZFS Event Daemon"?

    I came to know about Linux's ZED here. Perhaps in the future it will be upstreamed to OpenZFS, and will appear in FreeBSD. Until that time, is there a way to take action when ZFS events happen? Illumos has which allows to runs programs in response to...
  6. patpro

    bhyve Best way to monitor VMs

    Hello, I'm using munin to monitor 2 FreeBSD bare metal servers. Since I've started to use BHyve on one of them, I'm wondering what would be the best way to monitor the VMs. I'm currently using munin-node on 3 of them but may be there is something more efficient than just install munin-node on...
  7. lifepillar

    How to efficiently manage cron mails with many hosts?

    Hello FreeBSD community, first poster here. I hope my question won't be considered too general or not technical enough. I have currently a dozen jails (and still growing) in my server (FreeBSD 12.1). One jail is a mail server (Dovecot+OpenSMTPD), and each jail is configured to forward cron...
  8. T

    Slow network performance on WAN

    I have multiple laptops running FreeBSD 12.1 (used as a router, only 1 is active at a time) and all are maxing out at < 100 Mbps and I should be getting 200 Mbps. I tried the same hardware booted up to Ubuntu and it is seeing > 200 Mbps, so I am sure it isn't hardware. I also have tried...
  9. PKraszewski

    How to read serial port by multiple applications and get all the data in both?

    I'm working with a GPS receiver that is visible as a serial device. I have successfully attached it as the source to ntpd, which is the main goal. Now I need to add some sort of state monitoring (I've already written an app that reads GPS stream and displays various quality stats to LCDd). The...
  10. andrian

    Monitoring System (visualization of traffic load on interfaces)

    Hello. Help friends. We need help deciding how to monitor network activity on interfaces, such as NagVis. Tried Icinga2 with NagVis module but it doesn't work for me (maybe some help with detailed documentation?), Or what other systems can anyone recommend?
  11. M

    Dtrace does not work

    Hi, I want to get some specific I/O data from FreeBSD. IOStat command does not return what I want, so I think about using dtrace. The problem is that I am getting this error while executing dtrace command: [2.3.1-RELEASE][admin@machine]/usr/share/dtrace: dtrace -s iotime.d dtrace: failed to...
  12. M

    Monitoring with iostat

    Hi, I have this output in Linux using iostat: I want to get r_await and w_await in FreeBSD, which definitions are: r_await: The average time (in milliseconds) for read requests issued to the device to be served. This includes the time spent by the requests in queue and the time spent...
  13. P

    Nagios network traffic monitoring plugin for FreeBSD

    Is there a network traffic plugin for Nagios on FreeBSD? Something that can measure transit bytes rate and receive bytes rate?
  14. E

    Looking for simple SIEM/monitoring/report tool for home use.

    At work we have all sorts of tools that look at logs, monitor our systems, and generate graphs and reports about the health of our systems and network(s). I'm wondering if there is something that is very simple to set-up that would be suitable for a home network. Any suggestions? In more...
  15. J

    Solved Complete server monitoring tool

    Hello folks, I'm currently looking for a solution to monitor my FreeBSD servers/hosts. I'd like to have a utility that allows me to monitor multiple FreeBSD hosts remotely (eg. via a web interface). I've searched the interwebs and it appears that there are plenty of utilities available for...
  16. T

    top -m io missing documentation?

    Hello, can it be that top -m io is missing documentation? I can' find out what the values VCSW IVCSW READ WRITE FAULT TOTAL PERCENT actually mean. I can imagine the meaning of Read, Write, Total and Percent looking at them, but while in the CPU mode things seem documented, I don't see...
  17. M

    Command as user

    Hello, How can I execute this pkg command as a user ? /usr/local/sbin/pkg check -da Because this is part of a zabbix probe it must run with user zabbix. But all I get is 'pkg: Insufficient privileges'. This is for pkg check. If I try pkg info or pkg stats -l it's ok. So it's no pkg but some...
  18. pentago

    Looking for decent server monitoring solution

    While researching I noticed that people generally suggest Nagios, Munin and Monit but I didn't personally tried any yet. I'd like to hear suggestions on which solution people tend to use and recommend for FreeBSD the most. Also, does any solution offer info on ZFS and Jails?
  19. D

    FreeBSD/Nginx/MySQl/PHP/et al: tuning and monitoring security/performance

    For some time now I've had an idea regarding a web project. Recently I decided to stop pondering and just give it a go. Since I already have some previous FreeBSD experience (got a ZFS NAS at home) and also have some Wordpress knowledge, this is what I basically ended up with: A cheap 5$...
  20. xmj

    fractal cells - FreeBSD-based All-In-One solution for software development startups

    I’ve been working hard on ‪fractal cells, creating the All-In-One solution for software development startups. With fractal cells, you can easily transform a stock FreeBSD server into a fractal cells production environment. The hardware requirements are simple: You can run it on a VPS as small...